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This is a timeline of the Lord of the Rings Online storyline. It is an unofficial document, but all information on it is taken from official canon sources (see: list of storyline sources). All stories that could be dated, or couldn't be dated but could be placed at some point in the timeline because of their connection to other stories, have been incorporated to the fullest possible extent. Note that this timeline is not completely accurate, and some events have an estimated date or a date range in which they could have occurred.

Also of note, this timeline omits player characters- their actions are typically attributed to nearby NPCs.

Warning: This page contains spoilers for both the game and the books and movies.

Years of the Lamps




The Huntsman is one of the last remainders of the Valar in Middle-earth


Years of the Trees

The Misty Mountains were created by Melkor.



  • Varda fashions the stars and begins to organize them and those already wrought into constellations.
  • Angband is created to set a guard on the Valar living in Valinor.



  • The first elves are captured and brought to Utumno. There, they are tortured and corrupted, and thus the first Orcs are brought to life.






  • The Elves are invited to come live with the Valar in Valinor. This would affect Elven culture and society for millennia to come.


The Elves received a sapling of the tree Galathilion, made in memory of Telperion. All white trees in later times descend from this one.


Durin the Deathless was the first Dwarf to wake, in the Gloomingtarn of Gundabad.






The moon was created from the last flower of Telperion.


  • The Moon rises for the first time.
  • The Years of the Trees end.

The First Age

The first sunrise marked the start of the First Age.



Celeborn and Galadriel were wed in the forest of Doriath.





Gil-galad became the last High King during the First Age. He would remain so until his death at the end of the Second Age.









The Second Age

Rebuilding the World


The Balrog Thaurlach were among those who dwelled in Beleriand and survived its sinking.



  • Elros, brother of Elrond, becomes the first king of Númenor, taking the moniker "Tar-Minyatur".
The ancient dwarf-kingdom of Khazad-dûm saw much growth and prosperity in the Second Age.


Galadriel and Celeborn lived in Evendim for some hundred years.




  • Elrond's brother Elros dies at around 500 years of age. The crown of Númenor passes to his son, first of a long line of successions of the kings of Númenor.


  • Around this time, Sauron begins to stir again in the East of Middle-earth. The spread of his evil is soon perceived by Elves and Men alike, though he as its source remains cloaked.



Edhellond was once an important city in the Elf-realm of Lórien.


Prince Aldarion discovered that the wide flow of the Gwathló lent itself well to trade from the sea.


Caras Gelebren quickly became an important site for Elven crafters.



  • Vinyalondë is overthrown by great seas and plundered by hostile men.





The Sacking of Eregion

Sauron established Mordor as his dominion, a land ruled wholely by his dark will.


  • Sauron takes notice of the quickly growing power and influence of Númenor. He starts to make his stronghold in Mordor to challenge the might of the island nation, and begins building the black tower of Barad-dûr.



Antheron taught Narmeleth ring-lore in Caras Gelebren.




Celebrimbor was responsible for forging the Three Rings of the Elves


Sauron forged the One Ring in Mount Doom.


  • Having shed his fair guise, Sauron forges the One Ring at Mount Doom.
  • Finally realising his error in trusting Antheron and the awoken danger of the One Ring, Celebrimbor removes the Three Rings of the elves, thus keeping knowledge of the Three from Sauron.


  • Sauron starts to build an army using the Men of the East. Khand and Rhûn are first to feel Sauron's machinations, but there is also resistance against Sauron fomented by two Blue Wizards.



Imladris was founded at the end of the war with Sauron.




Following the War of the Elves and Sauron, Eregion was left in ruin.
With Imladris and the Ring of Power Vilya, Elrond rose to prominence during the Second Age.




  • Sauron once again looks East to recruit a new army, although this time he does it in secret to avoid the attentions of the Blue Wizards and the White Council. To counter the great threat of the island nation, he also spreads his influence onto Númenor itself, fomenting distrust and hatred among the island's inhabitants.

The Doom of Númenor


  • After hundreds of years of Sauron's influence, a shadow spreads over Númenor. There is rebellion and division among its people, and even its kings start to fall into greed and envy. Two opposing factions form on the island - the King's Men and the Faithful.
After Sauron claimed the Rings of Power, the Nazgûl were created from the kings of Men.


  • The Nazgûl, slaves to the Nine Rings, first appear.
  • The rift between the King's Men and the Faithful of Númenor widens. The King's Men declare Elves to be envious of Númenor's power and should not be welcomed to the island any more. The Faithful retain that it was thanks to the Elves that the island's riches exists in the first place.


Pelargir was founded as a port city and trade hub by the Faithful of Númenor.



  • Hrímil Frost-heart takes on the Zhélruka and sacks their halls in the eastern mountains. She eats the king of the Zhélruka, and swallows the ring Tínya in the process.








  • Ar-Pharazôn captures Sauron, who falsely submits to the King and is taken as a prisoner to Númenor, where he begins to spread his influence directly.



After the Downfall of Númenor, Elendil and his sons founded Gondor. Minas Anor was the seat of Anárion for about 100 years.



King Rioc and the Men of the Mountains swore an oath on the Stone of Erech, and later went back on their word. For this, Isildur cursed them.




  • Isildur together with his soldiers Dorwë and Beriadar discover that the Gondorian fort of Garth Lotheg has been overtaken by Orcs worshipping Sauron. He then goes to the lands of the Men of the Mountains to entreat with King Rioc, expecting him to honor the oath he swore of the Stone of Erech years before. Rioc goes back on his word, however. He believes Sauron will win the war against Gondor, and will grant his people great power. Isildur then curses Rioc and his people to never rest until their oath can be fulfilled, never know the restful sleep of death, and have no days without the regret of their broken oath.




The Last Alliance of Elves and Men lay siege to Barad-dûr until Sauron himself stepped from his fortress.



Isildur defeated Sauron by removing the One Ring from him with the broken sword Narsil.


The Third Age

The Fall of Arnor

The One Ring was lost in the Gladden Fields.









  • Easterlings invade the lands of the West for the first time. King Rómendacil I beats them back for his entire reign until he is killed in battle.
Durin V faced Thorog and they slew each other.




  • King Elendur of Arnor dies, leaving the kingdom to his son Eärendur. Eärendur will be the tenth and last king of that nation.




The evil of Dol Guldur awoke around the year TA 1000.




King Rómendacil II had the Argonath erected as a warning to Easterlings.





Dol Guldur's darkness spread into the forest around it, creating Mirkwood.


The Deadmount was the site of a bloody battle between Cardolan and Rhudaur.



The Stoors migrated to Swanfleet to escape the threat of Rhudaur.




As Cardolan fell to plague and the Dead, its barrow-downs became a haunted place.


  • Tyrn Gorthad is enveloped in a fog from whence emerges a plague of the Dead who slay all before them.
  • Princess Luilloth brings her young son Ostir to Fornost for his protection.
  • Luilloth's husband, Prince Ostecthel, third son of Prince Amondir, attempts to hunts down the source of the evil in Cardolan. He returns from the fog, shriveled and dying. He proclaims that the evil has been banished and that the land is safe once more, and then dies.
  • Luilloth returns from Fornost in grief and serves as princess-regent until her son Ostir can come of age.
As quickly as it rose, the terrible Grey Fear vanished, trapped in Sarch Vorn, the Black Tomb.



The Corsairs rose as followers of Castamir the Usurper and would carry their hatred of Gondor until the Fourth Age.




The Hobbits founded their own small realm within the bounds of Arthedain.


















Arvedui Last-King drowned in the frozen Ice Bay of Forochel, ending the realm of Arthedain.




Durin VI was killed by a Balrog, and Khazad-dûm was lost.





After the fall of Khazad-dûm, the Dwarves established Erebor as their new kingdom.


Fram and Karazgar kill Scatha the Wurm.



Minas Ithil fell to Sauron and became Minas Morgul, home to the Nazgûl.



  • The Kámbrada refuse the offer by Sauron to hand in their ring, Singya. In turn Sauron launches an attack against them.



  • With the death of his father, Eärnur becomes the 33rd and last king of Gondor. He is taunted by the Witch-king, but is restrained from meeting the challenge by Mardil Voronwë, the Steward of Gondor.


  • The Witch-king sends out a new taunting challenge to King Eärnur. This time, the King rides out to Minas Morgul to meet the challenge of the king of the Nazgûl. Thus ends the line of the kings of Gondor, and the reign of the Stewards of Gondor starts, with Mardil Voronwë as the first ruling Steward.
  • Captured and tortured, Eärnur is in the following years set loose in the Ephel Dúath and leads the Nazgûl to an ancient tree, a sapling of the White Tree. It is captured and defiled by the Nazgûl, becoming Morloth the Black. The Houses of Lamentation are raised around the Dark Tree (Tale of the Dark Tree)
  • Eärnur's knights are consigned to the Houses of Lamentation. Eärnur is left to wander the confines of Minas Morgul but no further. He is allowed also to keep Orthadel, cursed by the Witch-king to bind Eärnur to the lord of the Nazgûl when the sword finally pierced him.




The Watchful Peace



Skórgrim Dourhand and the Elf-refuge of Edhelion would be each other's end.







  • Osgiliath is attacked once again, and left in ruins. Its stone-bridge is broken.
Sauron populated Moria with his orcs.



Rohan was established when Cirion gave Calenardhon to Eorl and his Éothéod.


  • Celebrían departs Middle-earth for Valinor, leaving her family behind.
  • An Easterling tribe named Balchoth uses the North Undeep to invade the Gondorian realm of Calenardhon. Steward Cirion of Gondor knows he does not have the men to repel them, so he sends messengers into the north to seek for aid. The Easterlings wipe out much of Calenardhon's populace and advance an Anórien, but when all hope seem lost for Gondor, Eorl the Young rides south with a massive force of his Éothéod. They ride down the Easterling footmen and chase them all the way back north to the Undeep. A massive slaughter is held on the Field of Celebrant, and the Balchoth clan is destroyed. As a reward for his heroic deeds, Cirion grants Eorl the depopulated realm of Calenardhon. This land will go on to become Rohan, with Eorl as its first King.



The Dragons of the Grey Mountains forced the Dwarves to abandon their new holdings there.




Brandobras Bullroarer became famous for defeating the goblin Golfimbul.



  • The Dunlending Chieftain Freca attempts to arrange a marriage between his son Wulf and the daughter of Helm. When Helm refuses, Freca reviles and rages against him. Angered, Helm strikes Freca so hard it kills him, earning him the moniker "Hammerhand".








Journey of the Stone


  • Thrór is killed by Azog at the gates of Moria. This causes the seven clans of the dwarves to declare war on the orc, and they start to amass their armies.


The Battle of Azanulbizar ended with the death of Azog at the gates of Nud-mekhem.


Thorin's Hall was founded by Thorin Oakenshield.



  • Gandalf again enters Dol Guldur, this time with Raddir as a guide. They use the cavern of Thurimen below the fortress as a means of access. There, Gandalf discovers that Sauron is Dol Guldur's master, and that Thráin had been imprisoned in the dark tower's dungeons, his dwarven Ring of Power taken by Sauron. The dwarf-king dies in his prison cell, and Gandalf escapes from the fortress, having to leave his staff behind. Gandalf thinks Sauron now has claimed all the Rings of Power, and is looking for the One Ring.
  • With the death of his father Thráin, Thorin Oakenshield becomes King of Durin's Folk.






After extensive flooding, Tharbad had to be abandoned.


  • Great floods devastate Enedwaith and Minhiriath. Tharbad is completely ruined, its bridge broken, and its inhabitants give it up to the elements.
Arador was killed by trolls in the Ettenmoors.




Bilbo Baggins made a home in Bag End in Hobbiton.


The One Ring was recovered by Bilbo Baggins in Gollum's Cave.






  • Sauron gathers power in Mordor.
  • Gollum, feeling the pull of the Shadow from Mordor, heads towards it.


On Saruman's order, bandits began to enter Bree-land and the Southfarthing to spy on Gandalf's activities there.


  • The White Council meets for the last time. Saruman lies about the location of the One Ring, then withdraws to Isengard. He spies on Gandalf and notices his interest in the Shire. He arranges for loyal men to set up contacts in Bree and Southfarthing.
  • In the last winter of his reign, King Fengel is hunting north of the Entwade when an elderly woman named Wyrgende stumbles into his camp. Fengel throws his dagger at her and sends her away into the dark night. The next day she is found frozen to death clutching the King's dagger. She is lying at the foot of a tall boulder, in which she has used the dagger to carve a curse against Fengel and all his descendants. The King is furious and orders Wyrgende's body burned and the stone destroyed, but no man of his company can move her, and every hammer and mattock they set to the stone shatters on contact. Fengel himself assails the stone with his sword until the blade shatters, and a shard pierces his thigh. The wound festers, and King Fengel dies of poisoned blood on the first day of Spring.
Aragorn first met Gandalf on the road through the Dimrill Dale.



  • Aragorn puts on the moniker Thorongil and starts travelling around the lands.



For Aragorn's deeds against Umbar, the citizens of Pelargir raised a statue in honor of "Thorongil".





Balin established a new settlement in Moria with a dream of recreating Khazad-dûm.




Balin held out in Moria for 5 years before being his settlement was overrun by Orcs and every last Dwarf there was killed.



Saruman was ensnared by Sauron when he started using the Orthanc palantír.



  • Bilbo holds his 111th birthday party and farewell feast. Gandalf starts to suspect Bilbo's ring might be the One Ring. Knowing the hobbit obtained the ring from Gollum, Gandalf departs to learn more of the creature's past. On the way, he recruits Aragorn to increase the guard on the Shire by the Rangers of the North.




Ivar the Blood-hand awoke Skorgrím Dourhand from the dead using a fell spirit from Angmar.



Journey of the Ring

The Shadow of the Past


Radagast warned Grimbeorn of the rising shadow.
Radagast was ensnared by Saruman's plot to entrap Gandalf.
Boromor and Faramir's shared prophetic dream sent the elder brother on the road to Imladris.
Saruman held Gandalf imprisoned atop Orthanc.
Boromir was denied entry into Meduseld to see King Theoden.
The Dourhands attacked the Arming Cave of Thorin's Hall, and stole its gold.
While scouting Ringdale, Aglarchen discovered that Avorthal was being held by Dwarves at the Grimwater.
The Ringwraiths crossed Sarn Ford and entered the Shire in pursuit of the Ring.
One Ringwraith stalked the hills of the Shire, hunting for Frodo.
While rescuing the hobbits, Amdir was stabbed by a morgul blade.
Archet was burned by Blackwolds, and wounded Amdir was taken away by Cargûl
Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin were lured into the sorcerous embrace of Old Man Willow.
Tom Bombadil offered shelter in his house to the weary Hobbits.
Torthann had to kill his former friend Amdir, who had become a Cargûl.
Meneldir was killed by the Grey Fear in the catacombs beneath Dol Ernil.

Flight to the Ford

Gandalf arrived at the Prancing Pony after Aragorn and the Hobbits had left.
Tom Bombadil entered Othrongroth and killed the wight-lord Sambrog.
Gorwen ventured into Sarch Vorn and finally brought the Grey Fear low.
Aragorn led the Hobbits across the Midgewater Marshes.
At Weathertop, Frodo was stabbed by the Witch-king wielding a Morgul blade.
Radagast stayed for a while in Ost Guruth while investigating the corruption of Agamaur.
Radagast discovered the Red Maid was the source of the tainted land.
Radagast faced off against Ivar in Agamaur.
Glorfindel cleared the way for Aragorn and the hobbits to cross the Last Bridge.
After much effort, the Red Maid was cleansed of most of her corruption.
  • On October 14th:
    • Morning - Aragorn and the hobbits head into the North Trollshaws to stay off the road.
    • Noon - Gandalf enters the Ettenmoors.
    • Afternoon - Radagast tends to the remaining corruption of the Red Swamp.
    • Evening - Bósi and Brogur determine they will arrange an expedition to reclaim Moria. They start reaching out for Dwarves willing to join them in this venture.
Aragorn evaded the Ringwraith by passing through Nan Tornaeth.
Mincham discovered that Angmar had once more taken over the fallen city of Fornost.
  • On October 19th:
    • Afternoon - Mincham assesses the strength of the Enemy by spying on the orcs and wargs at the Norbury Gates. He discovers Angmar has sent a whole army to Fornost through back ways in the north.
With the aid of Glorfindel, Aragorn and the hobbits made it to Rivendell after three weeks on the road.
Halbarad aided Nellie Boskins and her guards with the defence of Trestlebridge.
  • On October 23rd:
    • Afternoon - Halbarad helps defend Trestlebridge from an Ongburz raiding party, gaining the allegiance of mayor Nellie Boskins.
    • Dusk - Elladan and Elrohir travel far to the south looking for the last Ringwraith's horse, but cannot find it.
    • Evening - Elrond again opens and searches Frodo’s wound. He finds and removes a splinter of the Morgul-knife that was still inside his shoulder.
Gimli faced down Skorgrím Dourhand and his minions, and was victorious.
Drugoth and the Nazgûl awoke the dragon-wight Thorog.
  • On November 8th:
    • Noon - Golodir's sword is reforged, and receives the name 'Dúnachar', Avenger of the West.
Wielding Dúnachar, Golidir struck down Mordirith in his castle.
Sara Oakheart revealed herself as Amarthiel, Champion of Angmar and received a boon from Sauron.
Amarthield's forces battled the Rangers of the North in the ruined former capital of Annúminas.
The Rangers of the North captured Mordrambor, one of Amarthiel's chief Black Númenóreans.
Mordrambor tricked his captors and broke out of his prison using black sorcery, killing three Rangers of the North.
  • On November 18th:
    • Dawn - The Rangers of the North hold a burial for the three slain Rangers at Barad Rath. The memorial is interrupted by a raven sent by Torogethir, bearing news that Amarthiel's forces are marching east. The Rangers send a scout to follow their passage.
Laerdan was freed from the clutches of Morven in Sammath Baul.
Laerdan revealed at a Council meeting that half of Narchuil had been lost in Forochel.
  • On December 4th:
Amarthiel attacked Mordrambor when she learned he had defected to Mordirith.
  • On December 6th:
    • Dawn - Dáthi returns to Saija who tells him of the ice cave Halla-kolo, where elves sought refuge after their ship sank.
    • Morning - Saija and Dáthi enter the cave together, where they are hounded by Mordrambor, now calling himself the Champion of Angmar. Saija then reveals herself to be Amarthiel, and she clashes with Mordrambor. Dáthi finds the half-piece of Narchuil and escapes.
    • Noon - Dáthi sends the ring-fragment with a raven to Elrond in Rivendell.
  • On December 9th:
    • Morning - The second ring-piece arrives in Rivendell.
    • Noon - Laerdan distracts others with arranging long errands, while he steals away the two ring-halves to bring them to Amarthiel.
  • On December 10th,
    • Morning - Elrond realizes Laerdan's deception and searches his room, the elf-lord's journal in his rooms. Elrond sends out a mission to retrieve Bregmor's skin and Celebrimbor's shaping tools - too late.
  • On December 12th:
    • Dusk - Elrond learns that his mission to retrieve the skin of Bregmor and the tools of Celebrimbor has failed, as Amarthiel collected the two items first. He sends a team to Mirobel in Eregion to stop her plans.
Mordirith and Mordrambor defeated Amarthiel, killed Laerdan, and claimed Narchuil.
  • On December 13th:
    • Noon - Amarthiel reforges Narchuil.
    • Afternoon - The Eregion strike team finds Laerdan wounded in Mirobel. They enter the Ring-Forges of Tham Mírdain.
    • Dusk - Mordrambor and Mordirith arrive at the Ring-Forge. Amarthiel refuses to yield to Mordirith. Despite Narchuil reforged, Mordririth strikes her down and removes her hand. He grants Narchuil as a reward to Mordrambor. Laerdan reveals Mordirith's true name - Eärnur, the king of Gondor who rode to Minas Morgul and was lost. Mordrambor kills Laerdan, and Amarthiel is taken as a prisoner of the Free Peoples. The violent loss of Laerdan and Narchuil breaks Sauron's spell upon Amarthiel, and she becomes Narmeleth again.
  • On December 16th:
    • Noon - Halbarad receives the message from Glorfindel warning him against a spy at Esteldín. Halbarad investigates, and finds one of the refugees from Angmar, Alis, to be missing.
    • Afternoon - Searchers find Alis at the pass to Angmar. She attacks them, and is killed.
    • Gloaming - The searchers return to Halbarad with news of Alis's betrayal. Halbarad thanks the searchers and sends a raven with the news back to Glorfindel in Delossad.
Glorfindel deemed Narmeleth to be true to her word, and released her from Delossad.
Narmeleth killed Mordrambor, destroyed Narchuil, and stabbed Mordirith with Dúnachar, at the cost of her own life.
  • On December 24th:
    • Evening - Glorfindel and Elrond receive the raven from Golodir and declare that their foe in Angmar finally has been defeated, never to trouble Middle-earth again.

The Road through the Black Chasm

The Company of the Ring departed Rivendell on the Quest for Mount Doom.
  • On December 25th:
    • Morning - Gimli thinks of the potential riches that can be found in Moria by his cousin Balin
    • Morning - Aragorn considers the possible travel routes past the Misty Mountains.
    • Morning - Boromir reminds the Elves of Imladris of the importance of Gondor's defence against Mordor
    • Morning - Pippin recovers a sceptre he borrowed from Elrond without permission.
    • Noon - Frodo gathers his journal notes
    • Noon - Sam stocks up on supplies
    • Afternoon - Legolas asks forgiveness for harsh words spoken in the Council.
    • Afternoon - The Company of the Ring heads south out of Rivendell.


  • On January 6th:
The Company of the Ring stopped at High Hollin in Eregion.
The Company of the Ring attempted the Pass of Caradhras, but were stopped by heavy snow.
Gandalf burned down a hilltop to chase away the maddened wolves.
Gandalf fought Durin's Bane on the Bridge of Khazad-dûm, and they fell into the abyss together.
The Watcher in the Water pulled Bróin into the Black Pool.
Using reforged ancient weapons, the Dwarves fought back against the Watcher in the Water.
The Orc-watch was founded as a watch-post over the Orc horde that held the Redhorn Lodes.
Bósi discovered the secret entrance to Nâr-khelab, the Heart of Fire
Galadriel sent a team of Elves to establish the Shadowed Refuge in the depths of Moria.
Through a sneak attack, Bori killed Ashpar in the Redhorn Lodes.
Gandalf killed Durin's Bane at the top of Zirakzigil.
Bróin and Zigilburk were recovered from the Drowned Treasury, and the Watcher in the Water.
Bori and Zigilburk were taken by Mazog and Gorothúl.
The Iron Garrison defended their holdings from several attacks by Mazog's orcs.
  • On January 28th:
    • Morning - Mazog's Orcs strike at the Deep Way, defended by Brogur and his forces. The assault is led by Gukhmûl, who rallies many Orcs to his side. Brogur withstands the prolonged assault and kills Gukhmúl, keeping the Deep Way safe.
    • Morning - The Way of Smiths comes under attack by Harna and a horde of Ghâsh-hai. Stóthkell mounts a defence to keep the Heart of Fire out of Mazog's grip. Though hard-pressed, Stóthkell's forces slay Harna and beat back the tide of Orcs.
    • Morning - Wíli defends the Twenty-first Hall against goblin sappers carrying black powder. Wíli and his Dwarves counter the attacks, and unfurl banners of Khazad-dûm to boost morale. Mazog sends Motsham into the fray, but Wíli and his allies manage to hold out, and Motsham is killed.
    • Afternoon - After the harrowing day, Bósi sees that there is no hope for the survival of the Iron Garrison without exterior help. He sets out to ask Galadriel for aid.
The Globsnaga came into being when Mazog's forces were corrupted by the Nameless in the depths of Moria.
Magor was freed from Azanarukâr and drove Gwathnor back into the Shadows.
Bósi formed a pact with Celeborn and Galadriel to combat the darkness within Moria.
The Elves and Dwarves gained access to Durin's Throne Room and captured Mazog.
Worried over Gorothúl's rising presence in Dol Guldur, Celeborn bid the Malledhrim to cross into Mirkwood.
Magor disrupted Gorothúl's ritual of summoning, casting Grawulun and Gwathnor down once more.
  • On February 5th:
The Hidden Guard formed to bring Mazog secretly to Dol Guldur.
Raddir was slain by an unknown evil of the Drownholt.
Both Issuriel and Mazog sustained poisoned bites from spiders in the Scuttledells.
Gorothúl betrayed the Hidden Guard, leading to Achardor's death by the Nazgûl.
Mazaukal assaulted Thangúlhad, but was defeated.
Ningloril led a team into the Dungeons of Dol Guldur and rescued Bori.
Zigilburk betrayed Mazog, and Bróin slew him.
After the raid on the Dark Tower, Cúcheroin returned to Augadhaim to learn its secrets.
Galadriel learned of Gandalf's fall, and sent Gwaihir the Windlord to search for him on the three peaks of Moria.
Bróin returned Zigilburk to Óin in the Drowned Treasury and sealed them in.

Breaking of the Fellowship

The Company of the Ring left Lothlórien and rowed south on the Anduin river.
The Company of the Ring sought shelter in Thinglad from a Nazgûl flying over the river.
The Grey Company were betrayed by the Oathbreakers in the Forsaken Road, and Candaith was killed.
Bori and a strike team raided Sammath Gûl and killed Gorothúl.
The Grey Company formed an alliance with the Falcon Clan of Dunland.
The Falcon Clan betrayed the Rangers to Saruman, killing Braigiar and imprisoning many others.
Lothrandir was brought to the Dungeons of Isengard and tormented by Saruman.
A prison break from the Isengard dungeons brought valuable information to the Rangers of the Grey Company.
  • On February 23rd:
    • Dawn - Morflak allows Dulan to go without an overseer in the dungeons.
    • Morning - Dulan poisons the Uruks' meal. He plots escape with Baldgar and Acca. Acca knows of a secret way out, and Baldgar suggests using black powder to blow up the siege engines.
    • Noon - Dulan leaves piles of black powder by the war-machines. He kills the Uruk key-master and takes his key-ring, then frees all the prisoners.
    • Afternoon - Acca volunteers to light the black powder while the others escape, but is killed by Morflak. Baldgar lights the powder. The explosion knocks Morflak out, but both Baldgar and Dulan are badly injured. They limp together out of Isengard.
    • Afternoon - Lúth Greyhammer continues following his oath to kill an Orc in every region where a Greyhammer has been wronged, by killing an Orc in Evendim.
    • Dusk - Shadowfax returns to Edoras.
    • Evening - Dulan loses consciousness before they get to Gravenwood, and has to be carried by Baldgar.
    • Evening - The Company of the Ring come unexpectedly on the rapids of Sarn Gebir in the dark. The current takes them, and they are ambushed by Orcs who shoot arrows from the east bank. The Company passes out of range and land on the west shore. A Nazgûl in flight passes over them. As it veers west, Legolas shoots the fellbeast, and it falls into the Brown Lands.
Théodred and the Grey Company assaulted the Falcon Clan's prisons and freed their companions from captivity.
Théodred was ambushed by Saruman's orcs at the Fords of Isen, and died of his wounds in the evening.
Their camp on the shore of Nen Hithoel would be the Fellowship's last.
Sauron almost found Frodo atop Amon hen.
Samwise discovered one of the boats drifting away on its own and leapt for it.
Boromir fell protecting Merry and Pippin from the Uruks at the East Wall
Nona, Horn and Corudan traveled to Rohan together in the wake of the Company of the Ring.
With the Forsaken Road abandoned by the Oathbreakers, Radanir and Saeradan were able to reclaim the corpses of their slain kinsmen.
Nona, Horn and Corudan aided in defending Elthengels against Orcs from Mordor.
Nona, Horn and Corudan had an uncomfortable homecoming with Horn's estranged family in Eaworth.
Nona, Horn and Corudan encountered Núrzum at Byre Tor.
Leaflock's army of huorns massed against Núrzum, and later would defend Wildermore from orcs and Easterlings.
Reeve Athelward betrayed the leaders of the Eastemnet and attacked the witan at Hytbold, but the attackers were defeated and Athelward was killed.
Gandalf the White freed Théoden from the grip of Saruman's Voice.
Théoden formed an army of Rohirrim and rode west to confront Saruman.
The soothsayer Hildegard told Nona of Horn's impending death in battle.
Lheu Brenin and his last Falcon Clan warriors were killed by Gimli and Léofa inside the Glittering Caves.
Saruman's army laid siege to the Hornburg, but were ultimately repelled by destroyed to the last.
The Grey Company met up with Aragorn's riding at the Fords of Isen.
Lothrandir was rescued from the dungeons of Isengard, and Gun Ain gained a new name - 'Mercy'.

The Land of Shadows

In the Orthanc palantír, Aragorn saw the Corsairs of Umbar sailing for Gondor.
Frodo and Sam were captured by Rangers of Ithilien and brought to Henneth Annûn.
Aragorn recruited an Army of the Dead on the promise of holding their oath fulfilled when his enemies were defeated.
Rovalang defeated the Doom of Rhûn and his fellbeast steed outside the Paths of the Dead.
Balakhôr the Scourge laid claim to the coasts of Gondor and demanded its unconditional surrender.
Sauron covered the skies of Gondor and Rohan with a dark cloud. The phenomenon was named the Dawnless Day.
Gollum led Frodo and Sam to the pass at Cirith Ungol, where Shelob awaited them.
After ridding Pelargir of the Corsair threat, Aragorn absolved the Army of the Dead of their curse of unrest, as promised.
Gollum led Frodo and Sam into Shelob's lair, and Frodo was stabbed by her stinger.
In Osgiliath, Duilin and Derufin encountered two terrible enemies of Minas Tirith - Gothmog and Grond.
Faramir was pierced by a morgul blade and fell, but was rescued by Mithrandir.
Denethor gazed into the palantír, and the visions Sauron sent him made him lose all hope.
Ghân-buri-Ghân and his Woses led the Rohirrim by secret paths through the forest of Taur Drúedain.
Théoden led the Rohirrim onto the Pelennor Fields to the aid of Minas Tirith.
Éowyn faced off against the Witch-king of Angmar and wrought his doom.
Denethor burned himself and the palantír on the pyre, but Gandalf saved Faramir from the same fate.
Aragorn called a council where it was decided to form the Host of the West to march on the Black Gate of Mordor.

On March 18th:

Mithrandir quested into the Morgul Vale and destroyed the Gúliant bridge.
The Host of the West defeated a mock ambush set up by Ayorzén the Wily
The Battle of the Morannon was a distraction meant to draw Sauron's gaze away from the One Ring.
After destroying the One Ring, Frodo and Sam were found by Mithrandir and the Eagles on the edge of Orodruin.

A World Reclaimed

On April 28th:

On April 30th:

  • On June 1st:
    • Morning - The sapling of the White Tree is already heavy with blossoms, a sign of Arwen's coming arrival.
  • In July:
  • From August to December:


  • In January: