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Image of Folca
Gender Male
Race Man
Region Eastfold
Location West Rohan
Map Ref [71.6S, 59.3W]


Folca was the thirteenth King of Rohan, known by his sobriquet: "The Hunter". Having purged the orcs that slew his father King Walda, Folca later pursued the infamous Boar of Everholt in the Firien Wood. Folca slew the great boar, but succumbed to the tusk wounds he suffered during the battle. He was succeeded by his son Folcwine, as King of Rohan.

Folca himself is found in West Rohan, in the The Legend of Folca. In session play, the player is transported back in history to TA 2851, and takes the role of Folca in his legendary battle against the Boar of Everholt.

In the Session Play The Legend of Folca, he has the following abilities:

  •  Spear Strike A powerful spear strike that damages enemies in front.
  •  Shield Bash Folca uses his sturdy shield bash to stun a single foe.
  •  Puncturing Blow Folca executes a vicious puncturing spear strike to a single enemy.
  •  For Rohan! Folca unleashes a powerful spear strike that inflicts incredible damage to a single enemy, but cannot be used often.

Quest Involvement