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For those who adventure and live within the world of Lord of the Rings Online, Quests are an essential part of levelling as well as what keeps us interested. The Epic Quest-line follows the "Fellowship" throughout the Lord of the Rings story and offers our own special way to help behind the scenes.
This aspect is what makes this game unique to those who love the Lord of the Rings.
Other quests exist of course, for both pleasure and to fill out the background of Middle-earth. You'll find no boredom within the Shire delivering posts and running pies, no stone unturned in Ered Luin as you learn the heart of elves and the brevity of the dwarves, nor will you find malice in Bree as you become a hero among the race of Men.
You'll find little grinding is needed in your adventure throughout the Lands of Middle-earth, with the exception of completing "Deeds" and acquiring "Reputation."

Quest Categories

Many of the quest categories listed below overlap, so you will find Quests listed multiple times.

General Quests

  • Every Quest - This category contains many sub-categories, but lists all quests found on the WIKI
  • Epic Quests - Only the quests in the Epic Quest Line

Quests For Every Level

Group / Solo Quests

Popular Quest Types

Misc. Quest Types

Quest Level Colour Code

These colours refer to the colours associated with Creature Portraits and to the colouring of Quest Names once accepted and examined in the index section of your Quest Log.
:Grey 9 or more levels below
:Green 6-8 levels below
:Turquoise 3-5 levels below
:Blue 1-2 levels below
:White Same level as yourself
:Yellow 1-2 levels above
:Orange 3-4 levels above
:Red 5-6 levels above
:Purple 7-8 levels above

Active Quests

Characters start out with 40 active quest slots, meaning that they can accept up to 40 quests in their Quest Log at a time. Additional quest slots can be obtained as follows:

  • VIP players get an additional 5 quest slots
  • 10 additional quest slots can be purchased with 40 Mithril Coins
  • Completing 40 Deeds grants 1 additional quest slot up to a maximum of 10 quest slots from completing 400 Deeds
  • Purchase of the Premium Edition of the Helm's Deep expansion granted 10 additional quest slots

Quest Packs

NOTE: "missions" have a minimum level of 20, and are scaled to the character's level at instance creation time. Maximum level is whatever the Level Cap is.

Updating Quests at

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