Quest:Instance: The Captive

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Instance: The Captive
Level 72
Type Solo
Starts with Lheu Brenin
Starts at Tâl Methedras
Start Region Dunland
Map Ref [75.0S, 8.0W]
Ends with Morflak
Ends at Isengard
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 4
Reflecting Pool Dunland Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

The Captive
"The emissary of Isengard captured by the Falcon Clan is near to death. Lheu Brenin hopes to get information from the captive before he passes."


You have come with Lheu Brenin to speak with the captive emissary from Isengard one more time before he dies and hopefully learn something of use to the Falcon-clan and the Grey Company.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Lheu Brenin in the prison-caves

Lheu Brenin has come with you into the prison-caves behind Tûr Morva to speak with the captive emissary.

Lheu Brenin: 'We will make the captive sing for us, <name>. He will sing of Saruman's plans, or I will end his captivity with steel.'
Lheu Brenin says, "This way. Let us hear the captive's last song."

Objective 2

  • Talk to Léolin in the prison-caves

Léolin is waiting to speak with you in the prison-caves.

Léolin: 'The cells further in are damper and less pleasant, filled with refuse and home to rats. The captive will have much to say of Saruman's plans for the Falcon-clan, I am certain of it.'
Lheu Brenin says, "Léolin? Where is Nai?"
Léolin says, "He moved the captive to a more unpleasant cell, as you commanded."
Lheu Brenin says, "Ah, very good. Perhaps that will bear fruit. Lead us to him."
Léolin says, "Follow me. You do not want to make a wrong turning."
  • Follow Léolin further into the prison-caves

Objective 3

You have met Lothrandir in the prison-caves, coming back from an errand in the depths.

Lothrandir: 'Calenglad and some other Rangers are below, bringing up some of the supplies the Falcon-clan stored in the depths. The caves go quite some way into the mountain. Halbarad sent me to bring you down to help, but if you are busy with something else....'
Lothrandir says, "You were going to speak to the captive? May I come with you?"
  • Walk with Lothrandir
Lheu Brenin says, "That is a good idea. Perhaps the captive will be put off his guard by your presence."
Lheu Brenin says, "I will go below and see how your friends fare with the preparations."
Lheu Brenin says, "Léolin, show them the way."

Objective 4

  • Talk to Nai in the prison-caves

Nai is guarding the cell where Dondhreg is being held captive in the prison-caves.

Nai: 'See how weak our captive is! He will not live through the night if he does not have a meal and an escape from the damp.'
Nai says, "You, Ranger, open the door. He will not wait forever."
  • Witness the captive's final moments
Lothrandir says, "This man is already dead."
Nai says, "And so are you!"
Lothrandir says, "Treachery? You are fools if you think to match a Dúnadan!"

Objective 5

  • Talk to Lothrandir in the prison-caves were attacked by two members of the Falcon-clan, but Lothrandir was able to turn the tables on them. You should speak with him now.

Lothrandir: This is bad, <name>, very bad! The Falcon-clan has turned on us! I do not know why, but we are betrayed, and many of our friends are still below!
'We will cut out way out!'
  • Escape the prison-cave with Lothrandir
Lothrandir says, "Listen! There is fighting below!"
Lothrandir says, "Ah. I see how it is."

Objective 6

  • Talk to Lheu Brenin in the prison-caves

Lheu Brenin has blocked your passage with a group of armed warriors. He wishes to speak with you.

Lheu Brenin: 'I am sorry that it turned out like this, <name>. I mean that. These Rangers are good folk, strong folk, and I see in them an echo of my own people. But you told me yourself of the great armies Saruman has already amassed. He is prepared to give us back the lands that belong to us. It is so close now!
'I am no Wizard's servant. Saruman prizes knowledge above all else, and now the Falcon-clan can give him that!'

Objective 7

  • Listen to Lheu Brenin's plan and keep Lothrandir from doing anything reckless

You have been brought to Isengard by waggon along a bumpy road.

Lheu Brenin says, "I think he will be pleased to receive the two of you as gifts."
Lheu Brenin says, "He will be most interested in whatever errand could bring you this far south."
Lheu Brenin says, "And once the fighting is done, and our land is returned to us, he will remember."
Lheu Brenin says, "He will remember it was the Falcon-clan that gave him the gift of knowledge."
Lothrandir says, "You will not leave this cave alive, Brenin!"
Lheu Brenin says, "Take them."
You have unlocked the movie 'Volume III, Book 4: Rise of Isengard, Part One'.
You have been captured and brought to Isengard, home of the traitor Saruman

Objective 8

Iwan is ready to bring you into Isengard.

Iwan: 'Let us go. I do not want to stay here any longer than I need to. I will leave you captives with someone and be back on the waggon headed for Tûr Morva before the next bell.'
  • Follow Iwan into Isengard
Iwan says, "Move your feet, Ranger."
Lothrandir says, "I...I am...."

Objective 9

  • Talk to Lothrandir at the gates of Isengard

Lothrandir has been badly beaten by your captors and is finding it difficult to go on.

Lothrandir: 'I cannot...go on like this...<name>. What...can we...?'
Lothrandir's pains are evident; both of you were cruelly treated by the long waggon journey to Isengard and the whips of your captors, but Lothrandir bore the brunt of the ill treatment.
  • Follow Iwan into Isengard
Lothrandir says, "I am Lothrandir of the Dúnedain."
Lothrandir says, "I have walked among the frozen wastes and the fiery south-lands."
Lothrandir says, "I do not fear this place."

Objective 10

Lothrandir is running into the heart of Isengard by his own power. It is a small gesture, but it is something, and gives you a glimmer of hope.

Morflak says, "These are the captives? Scrawny things."

Objective 11

  • Talk to Morflak in Isengard

An Uruk-hai named Morflak has made you pull up short before the tower of Orthanc.

Morflak: 'We will keep you busy, little <race>, and your friend too. I think the Old Man will want to speak with him directly.
'There's a place for you in the caves below, if Fâsh doesn't kill you first. If you have any fortune at all, you won't see me again, little <race>.
'You're ours now. Let's see how long you last.'
Morflak: 'You are Fâsh's problem now. He will find work for you! Ha!'