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Image of Narmeleth
Gender Female
Race Elf


Narmeleth is the daughter of Laerdan. In the Second Age, she was an elf-smith in Eregion and learned from Antheron. Arodel was a friend of hers. Narmeleth's ring was called Narchuil, and though not one of the Great Rings it was still powerful- and still left her vulnerable to Sauron and the power of the Ruling Ring. Narmeleth took on the name Amarthiel and, wielding Narchuil, she became the Champion of Angmar.

When Narchuil was taken from Amarthiel at the Battle of Fornost in III 1975, she was hidden away by her father in a deserted ruin of Cardolan in the southern Trollshaws. She spent at least a century there, watched over by her father and a number of human caretakers, including Sara Oakheart. In time, she took up the mantle of Amarthiel again and returned to Angmar.

Throughout the storyline Narmeleth is found at different locations (see also Amarthiel):

Quest Involvement