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Type: Secret Road
Region: Moria
Area: Durin's Way
Location: [4.3S, 108.6W]


You will explore Zurr-thurkh in the Instance: The Secret Road with Orvar Bellhammer to gain acces to the Great Throne Room of Durin -- called Rushdurinul by the Dwarves, and Zabadgathol by the orcs. It now serves as Mazog's fortress.


Zurr-thurkh is reached by entering the cave Buzun-ghâr[4.3S, 108.6W] in Durin's Way and descending down, until the cave is lit with a red glowing light.
Follow the stone piece over the gap before you until you face Grawulun the Caerog, who is asleep. (You defeated him earlier in: Vol. 2, Book 7 -- Chapter 5: The Source of the Rot)
Go left before Grawulun and enter the hidden cave entrance of Zurr-thurkh.
The Secret Road, Zurr-thurkh, Connects the Throne of Durin with Durin's Way.

Quest Involvement



The following creatures are found within these borders:


This is the 'secret road' that was built as an escape passage from the Throne of Durin. No dwarf has walked it since the Fall of Moria.