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Region: Evendim
Area: Parth Aduial
Location: [12.2S, 67.5W]

Tinnudir (Sindarin for Dusk-watch) is a settlement located within the area of Parth Aduial, in Evendim. [12.2S, 67.5W]

At the south-eastern part of the island, Calenglad and a party of Dúnedain Rangers have established an encampment, keeping watch over the region. For years the Rangers as well as a number of upstanding men of Evendim have maintained the camp, sheltered by no more than ruined walls of ancient buildings. Their main task is to keep tomb-robbers and Angmarim from finding the Silithar until Aragorn may recover it.

This large encampment provides services such as a Bard, Vault, Dock- and Stable-master, class trainers, quest givers, and more. At the southern tip is a Skirmish Camp. Available quests are mainly targeted towards Ost Forod, Men Erain, and Annúminas.

Tinnudir is also the headquarters of the Wardens of Annúminas, the reputation faction of Evendim. Its representatives are spread out over the sections of Tinnudir but most are outside Tinnudir Keep.

Notice: Tinnudir consists of the main camp, a complementary camp, and the Tinnudir Keep. This page is for the main camp; it provides a summary of the other locations but details are listed at their individual pages.

Hint: Hunters, go to Horace Roxhythe and get the quest for the Guide to Evendim skill.


See also "Civic Structures and Facilities" below


Tinnudir Stables
Tinnudir Docks
The Vault-keeper of Tinnudir
The bridge and only way by foot into Tinnudir
Rangers resting at a camp in southern Tinnudir
Tinnudir Skirmish Camp
Nighttime within Tinnudir




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Epic Quests:



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Civic Structures and Facilities

Notice: Each location within this section individually lists quests, NPCs, and more, pertaining to it

The Complementary Camp

Tinnudir (Keep)

Tinnudir (Keep) is a complementary camp . [12.2S, 68.0W]

Here is the magnificent Tinnudir Keep, the backdrop for some epic quest instances. This section hosts representatives for the Wardens of Annúminas, an excellent crafting area with good services, a Reflecting Pool, Warden Trainer, and quest givers.

Tinnudir Keep

Tinnudir Keep

Tinnudir Keep is a stronghold in Tinnudir. [12.0S, 68.0W]

At a well protected island in eastern Lake Evendim this decayed stronghold is still used by the Rangers of the North. Visitors may enter the impressive entrance, the main hall, and the staircases for the east and west wings.

  • Epic Quests, level 50


Beyond quests and other in-game texts no tales are told about Tinnudir as it is an invention by Turbine, as a central hub for everything that happens around Lake Evendim. Tinnudir is not mentioned, or even implied, in any of Professor Tolkien's works.