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Welcome to the one place all editors should visit regularly! Here is where you can find "something to do" when it comes to helping us make the wiki a better place for everyone!

This page is a great idea place for those who want to create more articles and contribute to the knowledge base of our wiki. Without our great editors we would not be where we are now! So get out there and create, expand, and improve!

  • Most of the pages referenced on this page are "Special Pages" and can be accessed directly from the link in the upper left corner of every page. Some of the more important/confusing/useful pages are listed here along with some words of explanation.

Current Needs

Cleaning House

This may not sound fun but if everyone pitches in then our wiki will be the better for it. These duties can be done in small doses or in a big chunk. Let's make our wiki well organized and our articles cleaner.

Redirects which link to non-existent pages. They need to be corrected or deleted.
Redirect which link to other redirect pages. They should be corrected to point at the final destination page.
Dead End pages are those which have no reference to any other page on the Wiki. They are pages where someone can wind up by following a link only to discover minimal information.
Pages with broken file links are usually pages missing associated images, so why not get your camera out and make those orcs say cheese!
Pages which are not linked from or transcluded into, other pages. They were likely someone's "good idea" but which lacks Wikification (see below).
Pages with incomplete coordinates that need to be filled in, or invalid arguments to the Tooltip Coords template

Organization is Key

For those who are familiar with our Categories feel free to organize our pages and categories so that they are easier to find and organized into their proper place.

  • Uncategorized Articles - Most articles are are created using a "template" and are, or should be, placed into categories automatically. Occasionally, a template is not completely filled out, or no category information is provided in the article, and it winds up in this list.
  • Uncategorized Images - When an image is uploaded, the uploader should assign a category for the image, but often does not know what category to assign. When that happens, i.e. when no category is assigned, the image is listed here.
  • Uncategorized Categories - Categories may have been created without linking into the Category Tree.

Pages in these categories are not referenced by any other page in the Wiki. That may simply be an oversight, a duplicate or obsolete information.

Making a contribution

Another place to start your work on Lotro-Wiki is browsing through the different Stubs‎ (see the Subcategories section below for a complete list) and see if anything matches your interest or piques your curiosity.

Any "Article Management Tag," also known as a "Stub Tag," on a page indicate: "Something needs to be done to that page!"

Tags, such as a missing image for a Creature, are put there automatically by templates when the page is created. Others are put there by editors when " patrolling" recent additions or changes.

Important categories needing "more immediate attention" are, for example:

Other targets are:

Interested in contributing to a particular part of the wiki? Check out our Projects and help out!

Some words on Wikification

  • As defined in Wikitionary: "The process of adding wiki syntax to text in a wiki platform, or converting HTML to wiki markup."
  • If you are new to Wiki "nomenclature," note that the phrase above -- Stubs‎ (see the Subcategories section below for a complete list) is redundant. If you click on the WIKI-link Stubs‎ you will be taken to the same page as if you clicked on the Subcategory Stubs below.
  • Clicking on the arrow adjacent to the Subcategory name below will expand all of the categories and pages below it.
  • The numbers in ( ) below count the number of categories (C), pages (P) or files (F) inside that category.