Bay of Belfalas

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The Bay of Belfalas is a great gulf of the Great Sea between the cape of Andrast and Umbar. It is accessible from the Havens of Belfalas and Cape of Belfalas in Western Gondor, and from Dor-en-Ernil and Lower Lebennin in Central Gondor, though it continues a great distance south past Harondor and Harad.

In the east of the bay, the river Anduin flows into the sea with the island of Tolfalas near its mouth. The Gondorian fief of Belfalas is located north west of Tolfalas, and the bay takes its name from that fief. A smaller part of the bay, Cobas Haven, is formed in the space between Dol Amroth and the mouth of the Morthond-Ringló confluence near Edhellond.

The shores around the Bay were mostly desolate in the Second Age, except from a First Age settlement of Sindar which became the haven Edhellond.

During the Drowning of Númenor, the Bay of Belfalas was much filled at the east and south, and land upheaved around it. The Anduin carved a new path by many mouths to the Bay, named Ethir Anduin. Tolfalas was almost destroyed, and was left at last like a barren and lonely mountain in the water not far from the issue of the River.

The coasts of Gondor were assaulted by the Corsairs of Umbar. In T.A. 2758 three fleets from Umbar attacked and waged war on all the Gondorian coasts until Beregond overcame the invaders.

In Sindarin, the Bay of Belfalas is called Côf Belfalas, or Côf gwaeren Bêl ("the windy Bay of Bêl").


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