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Type: Glenn
Region: West Rohan
Area: Entwood
Location: [42.3S, 79.1W]


Derndingle is a landmark within the Entwood in West Rohan. [42.3S, 79.1W]

Quickbeam (Derndingle) and other Ents gather here after the Battle of the Hornburg to help Fangorn Forest recover.


The following deeds can be advanced by visiting this location:


After the Battle of the Hornburg, Quickbeam (Derndingle) begins in Nan Curunír

  1. [95] A Dreary, Untidy Mess
  2. [95] Back into the Wild
  3. [95] The Many Colours of Ruin
  4. [95] The Three Trees

Quickbeam then moves to Derndingle


Fangorn daily

Fangorn daily random set

West Rohan Resource Instances

The resource instance starting quests become available from Quickbeam after completion of One Final Kindness.


  • From Derndingle: A Huorn of Fangorn Forest guides you back to the ruins of Isengard (after the Battle of the Hornburg).
  • To Derndingle: A Huorn of Fangorn Forest guides you to Derndingle. (From the ruins - Isengard (after), after the Battle of the Hornburg).

  • To reach Derndingle by way of Isengard (after) (after the Battle of the Hornburg) via Swift Travel:
Visit the Stable-master at Helms Deep for 36 Silver 30 Copper  - and then it's a short ride on Personal Mount / War Steed, though you will need to cross the river and head toward the Quickbeam name on the Isengard (after) map. The map co-ordinates of the Huorn which will transport you to Derndingle are: [47.5S, 87.8W]
Travel to Woodhurst in the Stonedeans and ride/walk up the steps to the Mead Hall. Then go BEHIND the Mead Hall; then up and to the right. (To the left takes you to the Orlag Den and Hildegard.) Follow the trail and the entrance into Derndingle is on the left. You will enter at the lower right of the Entwood map. [44.0S, 78.5W]
  • Return To skill:
Return to Derndingle, costs 10 Fangorn Leaves from Quickbeam.


Barters  Fangorn Leaves for various Items and crafting recipes requiring various Reputation status with the The Ents of Fangorn Forest:


The Entwood