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Region: Moria
Dungeon(s): The Mirror-halls of Lumul-nar
Landmark(s): The Broken Cleft
Durin's Bane
Mukhful Thurkh
The Searchers' Eyrie
Settlement(s): None
Durin's Way
Resource tier: Supreme

Zirakzigil is the only area of Moria which is not situated under the mountain. It can be reached from the Door to the Clouds in Durin's Way.


Zirakzigil (Khuzdul for Silvertine, Celebdil in Sindarin), is one of three peaks of the Misty Mountains, below which lie the cavernous halls of Moria, the ancient dwarf-home of Khazad-dûm. It is said that Durin the Deathless once stood upon its peak, but that knowledge is lost, deep in the memory of the Ages.

In more recent times, a great battle of flame and lightning took place upon Zirakzigil, and the mountainside was broken. Any who chanced to behold the great battle thought a terrible storm raged in the mountains. The truth only became known at a later time... [1]




There are no quest givers in this area, but there are Epic quests and a quest bestowed in the Fanged Pit:


The following creatures are found within these borders:

Named Creatures Flake Collectors List

Each of these creatures is the rare, signature, tougher, named version and all have a high change to drop a rare flake used in crafting.


Woods and Mountains

Zirakzigil map Zirakzigil POIs

Detailed Maps
Zirakzigil Named Creatures map