Quest:Instance: Into Darkness Falls a Star

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Instance: Into Darkness Falls a Star
Level ...
Type Solo
Starts with Harthalín
Starts at Morannon (War of the Last Alliance)
Start Region Morannon
Map Ref [62.6N, 4.2W]
Ends with Elrohir
Ends at Tham Send
End Region Rivendell
Map Ref [29.6S, 3.3W]
Quest Group High Elf
Race(s) High Elf
Quest Chain Introduction (High Elf)
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Into Darkness Falls a Star
It is the Year 3434 of the Second Age, and Sauron has returned. You and your companion, Harthalín, have joined the Elves and Men of the Last Alliance upon the battle plain to defy the Dark Lord of Mordor.


In the Year 3434 of the Second Age, a great Alliance of Elves and Men assembled in defiance of the Dark Lord's will to conquer all the lands of Middle-earth. The High Elves, the blessed of Valinor who suffered the greatest wraths of Sauron and Morgoth the Enemy, now seek to ensure that his evil is forever banished from the world.

Objective 1

You should speak to Harthalín.

You and your companion, Harthalín, have marched in the Last Alliance for years under the command of High King Gil-galad.

Harthalín: '<name>! You seemed as if lost in a trance, and I could not rouse you until this very moment. My dearest friend, do not allow the Enemy to cloud your thoughts with visions of defeat. As Sauron surely knows, the mastery is ours in this battle.
'Alas! A cornered foe is the most deadly -- and there are none more treacherous than the Enemy in this realm. We must put our troubles behind us for the moment and press our advantage.'

Objective 2

High King Gil-galad and the commanders of the Alliance are standing at the head of the rear garrison.

Harthalín has asked you to join her at the High King's address to the Alliance on the eve of a great battle.

Harthalín says, "High King Gil-galad has summoned us, <name>."
Harthalín says, "Let us go!"

Objective 3

High King Gil-galad and Elendil the Tall are speaking to the Alliance.

Isildur says, "We have called upon all the armies and peoples we could, but it still may not be enough!"
Isildur says, "King Rioc the oathbreaker and his traitorous kin have fled into the mountains..."
Isildur says, "...and Durin has sent only a few hundred of his folk!"
High King Gil-galad says, "Hearken to me, Elves and Men! The time for debate is ended!"
High King Gil-galad says, "Sauron sows only division among those who would oppose him - and see now what it has done!"
High King Gil-galad says, "The Kings of Lórien and the Woodland Realm pressed their forces into certain defeat, and why?"
High King Gil-galad says, "They allowed their pride to blind them to the Enemy's treachery!"
Elendil the Tall says, "Sauron is swift to twist the pride and fear of his foes into weapons of his own."
Elendil the Tall says, "The Men of Númenor that remain in this realm know his treachery all too well."
High King Gil-galad says, "Indeed, the fates of Númenor and Eregion are tragic, but Sauron's wrath has grown only more terrible since those Dark Years."
High King Gil-galad says, "If we fall to defeat in this battle, there will never again be a force to oppose him."
High King Gil-galad says, "The Dark Lord gathers strength anew beyond the Black Gate! We must throw down the Morannon!"
Elendil the Tall says, "Only then shall Sauron himself be forced to atone for the evil he has laid upon our peoples!"
High King Gil-galad says, "We must put an end to his evil before--"
A distant horn sounds as a scout rushes down from the nearby hillside
Elf says; "High King! Riders approach from beyond the Morannon!"
Elf says; "It is a meagre assemblage - only nine in number. Might the Enemy seek to parley at last?"
Elendil the Tall says; "Sauron does not wield his servants as ambassadors."
High King Gil-galad says; "Allow them to ride forth unhindered, but remain on guard. We shall meet them in the field."
High King Gil-galad says; "At last the bearers of the Nine Rings reveal themselves..."
High King Gil-galad says; "The shadow-kings, the Gwetherain... they have returned out of the darkness!"
Harthalín says; "Come on, <name>!"

Objective 4

You should stand with the High King and the other commanders of the Alliance.

The Gwetherain are approaching the rear garrison of the Alliance.

High King Gil-galad says; "They approach."
The Witch-king says; "Ah, the Elf-king and the accursed Faithful..."
The Witch-king says; "My Master has bidden me to deliver His terms."
Elendil the Tall says; "Terms? Have we assembled so great an Alliance that your Master now seeks to surrender?"
The Witch-king says; "Sauron the Great speaks not of His surrender, but of yours."
High King Gil-galad says; "Speak then, servant of Sauron!"
The Witch-king says; "I am no mere servant! You speak to a King of Men and the Lord of the Nazgûl!"
High King Gil-galad says; "Nazgû you no longer speak in your own tongue? You are no King -- the Ring you bear has seen to that."
The Witch-king says; "Silence, Elf-wretch! These are His terms!"
The Witch-king says; "Celebrimbor crafted Three Rings in mockery of His design..."
The Witch-king says; "You will surrender them, and swear oaths to never again come before the gates of Mordor."
The Witch-king says; "You would be wise, indeed, to accept His kindness."
Elendil the Tall says; "And if we should accept? What promise can he give that he shall not again make war against us?"
The Witch-king says; "He offers none."
High King Gil-galad says; "Peace cannot be made with Sauron - such an offer is merely another of his lies!"
High King Gil-galad says; "Go now! Flee to your Master and tell him that his doom approaches!"
The Witch-king says; "So be it."
The Witch-king says; "Sauron the Great has stayed my hand for the moment, but His patience is nearly ended."
The Witch-king says; "It is you and this pitiful host who should flee."
The Witch-king says; "For soon, no shelter -- no matter how well-hidden -- shall be free of Sauron's dominion."
High King Gil-galad says; "<name>, let us speak."

Objective 5

  • Talk to High King Gil-galad

High King Gil-galad is standing outside the rear garrison upon the Dagorlad.

You have stood fast before the Gwetherain, and the High King now wishes to speak with you.

High King Gil-galad '<name>, before the Nine arrived I sent forth the Spears of Lindon with a garrison of Elves and Men. With Sauron's demands rejected, we can no longer hold hope that the Gwetherain shall stay their hands in this battle.
'You know the Spears as Thelaron, Megoril, and Dernaith, my friend, and they have stood by my side through many great battles against Sauron and the most terrible of his servants. Ere they departed, they swore to cross the Enemy's trenches and dismantle their siege equipment. It is try enough that catapult-shot hs not hit our position in some time, but the wider front has been brought to ruin by those very tools.
'You must now be my scout and my messenger. Learn what has become of their garrison, and if any of them yet live, deliver to them a message of hope. The Alliance marches upon the Black Gate, and no evil Man or Orc shall stand in the way of our victory over Sauron!'

Objective 6

  • Learn the fate of the Spears of Lindon and their garrison

The forward garrison lies across the flaming trenches of the Enemy to the south of the rear garrison.

The High King has asked you to scout the forward garrison and relay a message to his kindred: the Spears of Lindon.

High King Gil-galad says; "Go, my friend! I shall ready the Alliance to advance upon the Morannon!"
Harthalín says; "Be swift and safe, <name>!'
The Spears of Lindon have held against Sauron's forces, but they fight a desperate battle

Objective 7

  • Deliver the High King's message to the Spears of Lindon

Dernaith and Megoril can be found at the forward garrison upon the Dagorlad.

You have found two of the Spears of Lindon, but you have not found Thelaron. You should speak to Dernaith and Megoril.

Dernaith: 'Speak quickly, friend, our foes surge from the east!'
You tell Dernaith of your encounter with the Gwertherain and deliver the High King's message.
'The Gwertherain... two of their number passed through our garrison from the North! One rode westward and scattered our numbers, but the other... he took Thelaron! In the midst of battle, he caught Thelaron's sword-arm in a cruel coil of rope and dragged him eastward by his fell stead! I could not follow rough the mass of Orcs... I failed him... I failed the High King... but still I must fight on!'
Megoril: 'Hail, <name>! I am Megoril of Lindon. How fare the battles to the North?'
You tell Megoril of your encounter with the Gwertherain and deliver the High King's message.
'If we shall truly strike at the Black Gate this day, the Alliance must soon come hither. e did as the High King commanded and brought the Enemy's weapons to ruin, but when the Gwertherain appeared, hey slew many of our umber and divided our forces upon the Dagorlad. he faces by which I once knew the Gwertherain when they first took the Rings have long-faded, but this one I knew by his blade. The Cursed Rider he is called , and he goaded his stead onward over backs of Elf, Man and Orc alike!
'Regrettably, we were forced into retreat before we could aid many of them from the field of battle. We now struggle to hold the only path over the great trenches and the Enemy's forces have brought forth more trebuchets and ballistae upon the Dagorlad. Aid the wounded in the field, and let us hope the Alliance shall arrive to drive off the Enemy's forces!'

Objective 8

  • Rescue wounded soldiers from the Orcs west of the forward garrison (0/5)

Wounded soldiers can be found to the west of the forward garrison upon the Dagorlad.

Dernaith and Megoril have alerted you to the recent passing of one of the Gwetherain, the Cursed Rider, which scattered their forces and left many wounded upon the battle plain.

Wounded Soldier says; "Thank you, my friend."
Wounded Soldier says; "We held for a time, but the Rider split our ranks and slew all that stood in his path as he rode westward!"
Wounded Soldier says; "The Rider cast us aside as he passed... even the Orcs fled at his approach..."
Wounded Soldier says; "I shall make for the garrison. Thank you for keeping the Orcs from me..."
Wounded Soldier says; "Thank you... I can make it as far as the garrison..."
Wounded Soldier says; "The Rider... ran me down... I... cannot..."
Wounded Soldier says; "Prince Thranduil lives... but the Rider has him..."
Wounded Soldier says; "Leave me, friend... he is trapped... in the vale..."
Rescued wounded soldiers from the Orcs west of the forward garrison (5/5)

Objective 9

  • Rescue Prince Thranduil to the west of the forward garrison

Prince Thranduil can be found far to the west of the forward garrison in a webbed vale.

One of the Gwetherain, the Cursed Rider, has driven Prince Thranduil into a nearby vale where he is now trapped. You should aid Thranduil in repelling the Cursed Rider.

The Cursed Rider says; "There is no escape for you..."
The Cursed Rider says; "See you now the fate of those who defy my Master?"
Thranduil, Prince of the Woodland Realm says; "The Dark Lord holds no power over me, wraith!"
Thranduil, Prince of the Woodland Realm says; "Be my fate sealed or not, my arrow shall fly true!"
The Cursed Rider says; "Fool! Wills can be broken, Thranduil of Greenwood, and this blade shall see to that."
The Cursed Rider says; "What is this?"
The Cursed Rider says; "The accursed spawn of Ungwetári! You think to threaten me?!"
The Cursed Rider says; "Sauron shall not forgive Her this time!"
Thranduil, Prince of the Woodland Realm says; "Stay back! I will leave you in peace for what you have done!"
Glorfindel says; "Hold fast! You do not fight alone!"
You have rescued Thranduil from the Cursed Rider and repelled the spawn of Ungwetári!

Objective 10

Elrond can be found in the webbed vale to the west of the forward garrison.

You, Elrond, and Glorfindel have repelled the terrible spawn of Ungwetári that threatened the Cursed Rider and Thranduil alike. You should now speak to Elrond.

Elrond: 'The prince is fortunate to have survived his father's attack on the Black Gate, but the Gwatharanh's words trouble me... The Rider spoke a name in Quenya ere he departed: Ungwetári! The spider-queen!
'Ungoliant is gone from this realm and shall trouble the world no longer, but Her children remain, preying on anything they can devour and spreading Her darkness throguh Middle-earth. One among them must now hunger as She did... without a care for the powers of the Dark Lord and without any purpose other than to consume.
'These are unhappy tidings my friend, even if it seemed fortuitous that the Great Spiders turned upon the Rider. If we do not face this child of Ungoliant in the war, it is certain that the day will come when her hunger shall seek to sate itself beyond the shadows of Mordor. The High King gave me leave to pursue at the urging of the Spears of Lindon, but he has called for your return at once. The Alliance has come to the forward garrison at last. Reunite with them there, <name>, and make ready for our assault on the Black Gate!'
Elrond Halfelven says; "Glorfindel and I shall tend the Prince's wounds. Go now, <name>!"

Objective 11

  • Reunite with the Alliance at the forward garrison

The Alliance has come to the forward garrison upon the Dagorlad.

Elrond Halfelven has brought word of the Alliance's advance, and High King Gil-galad has requested your presence at the forward garrison.

Elrond spoke true! The High King and Elendil have come at last!

Objective 12

  • Talk to High King Gil-galad at the forward garrison

High King Gil-galad can be found at the forward garrison upon the Dagorlad.

You have arrived to find the Alliance gathered at the forward garrison. You should now speak to High King Gil-galad as he requested.

High King Gil-galad: 'I am glad to see you again, <name>.
'Dernaith and Megoril have told me of Thelaron's capture, and I am troubled by such grim tidings. The Dark Lord would not have soon forgotten the wounds he suffered at our hands, and I fear what form his vengeance might take. Even now as I wish to abandon my duty, I cannot turn my eyes from the Black Gate at such a crucial hour. Thus, I give you this mission of dire importance. You must find Thelaron, and you must save him from the Gwetherain.
'As for the Alliance, One of Durin's Folk has devised a cunning plan to draw the attention of the Dark Lord's forces and allow for a swift strike agains the Black Gate. In truth, I know not if this plan shall bear fruit, but we must conquer the Gate if Sauron is to be defeated. I would ask that you speak to Slégar the Crafty. He is an honorable enough dwarf, despite his chosen title. Once you have done as he asks, pursue the Gwatharan and rescue Thelaron!
'Our paths are now divided, my friend, but let us hope each of them lead to victory. May the light of the Valar shine upon us!'

Objective 13

Slégar the Crafty can be found at the forward garrison upon the Dagorlad.

High King Gil-galad has sent you upon a two-fold mission: to provide a distraction for the Alliance and to rescue the Spear of Lindon, Thelaron. Before setting out, you should speak to Slégar the Crafty of Durin's Folk.

Slégar the Crafty: 'At your service, <name>, or perhaps you are at mine! Have you considered how the Enemy's trenches never seem to sto burning? Well, I have.'
Slégar gestures to the pile of barrels behind him.
'The barrels are filled with a crude, black powder that explodes when exposed to flame. Not only that, but it burns for hours afterward. Aye, if it were more useful in stone-work, I think Durin himself would have us steal some away!
'The Dark Lord's Black Riders... the damned Ringwraiths as the Men call them, they're wily enough, but these goblins are none to bright. They've left the barrels right net to their own ballistae and catapults! Why don't you set some of them off? That ought to put an end to their siege and draw their attention long enough for the Alliance to reach the Black Gate. Just make sure you don't stick around once you light them!'

Objective 14

  • Set the Enemy's barrels of black powder aflame (0/6)

Barrels of black powder can be found to the east of the forward garrison upon the Dagorlad.

Slégar the Crafty has asked you to find what remains of the Enemy's black powder and set it aflame. He hopes that it will provide a distraction for the Alliance to advance upon the Black Gate.

Set barrels of black powder aflame (6/6)

Objective 15

  • Find and follow the Gwatharan's path

You should seek any sign of the Gwatharan's passing and follow his path.

You have provided the distraction needed by the Alliance. You should now seek Thelaron and follow the path of the Gwatharan that took him.

The unmistakable hoof-prints of the Gwatharan's steed lead to the north-east!"

Elf says; "<name>... can it be?"
Elf says; "Follow me! Lady Harthalín shall want to speak with you!"
Elf says; "Lady Harthalín! <name> has come from across the battle plain!"
You have not found Thelaron or the Gwatharan, but a familiar Elf stands before you...

Objective 16

  • Talk to Harthalín

Harthalín can be found with her company beyond the eastern trenches upon the Dagorlad.

You have discovered Harthalín and her company while searching for Thelaron. You should speak to her and see if any among her company might aid you.

Lady Harthalín: '<name>! I am gladdened by this reunion, but there is little else to celebrate...
'The High King sent me and my company eastward to learn what had become of the Elves of Lórien, but alas, only Prince Amroth remains upon the field. His father and the others were routed to the north, but where they have gone, we cannot follow. The Prince is injured, but he will heal in time. I must ask, though... why have you come?'
You tell Harthalín of the task given to you by the High King himself, and of Thelaron, the lost Spear of Lindon taken by one of the Gwetherain.
'Your talk troubles me... for Amroth spoke of a terrible figure that passed with an Elf slung across his steed. Time may grow short for Thelaron, my friend. I think it is time we learned more of what the Prince saw...'

Objective 17

Prince Amroth is among Harthalín's company.

You have arrived to find Harthalín and her company tending the wounds of Prince Amroth. Amroth claims to have seen one of the Gwetherain pass with an Elf on his steed.

Harthalín says; "Prince Amroth... can you tell my companion about the Rider you saw?"
Amroth, Prince of Lórien says; "As much as I do not wish to recall him, I can."
Amroth, Prince of Lórien says; "From what you have told me, he was one of the Nine Gwetherain -- garbed in black and seated atop a great steed."
Amroth, Prince of Lórien says; "I know not if he still lived, but an Elf was slung limply across the Gwatharan's steed."
Amroth, Prince of Lórien says; "He lifted aloft a great mace, and with a crack of thunder, his Master's statue was toppled."
Amroth, Prince of Lórien says; "It was then he looked upon me, and what remained beneath his hood sniffed madly at the air."
Amroth, Prince of Lórien says; "There was a sorcery in his gaze, I tell you, for his eyes were as flames in a void!"
Amroth, Prince of Lórien says; "Perhaps he thought me slain, for he then rode on into the hills..."
Hithgol says; "No... it cannot be!"
Harthalín says; "It can be no other, Hithgol. The Witch-king has taken Thelaron!"
Amroth, Prince of Lórien says; "Be wary! The Men of the East who slew my father have an encampment in the hills, and it is there he must have gone!"
Harthalín says; "Thank you, Prince Amroth."
Harthalín says; "If the Men of the East hold the hillside, then we must go by secret steps..."

Objective 18

  • Talk to Harthalín

Harthalín can be found with her company beyond the eastern trenches upon the Dagorlad.

You have learned that the Witch-king himself took Thelaron, and should now speak to Harthalín and plan a rescue.

Harthalín 'When my company came to Prince Amroth's aid, I heard a great cry and a thunder like flapping wings from above. It sounded like some terrible flying creature as great in size as the Eagles. I could not spy it through the smoke, but I am certain it lurked beyond my sight. I do not know if this creature is a servant of Sauron's, but its presence makes me fear all the more for Thelaron.
'If the Witch-king has taken him to the overlook, we must pass through the Easterling encampment ahead. The men of the East have grown arrogant behind Sauron's might and they have left a small passage in their encampment open to the woodlands.
'Follow me, and we shall sneak in and avoid the dangers of approaching their gate upon the road.'

Objective 19

The Easterling encampment lies far to the east of the forward garrison.

Harthalín has led you to the far end of the Easterling encampment, and you should now search for any sign of Thelaron or the Witch-king.

Harthalín says; "We must move quietly, <name>. It is not far now."
Harthalín says; "Hold. Their sentry seems on the edge of sleep..."
Harthalín says; "Face your doom, Men of the East!"
Harthalín says; "The stairs up the hill lead to the overlook! You must save Thelaron!"

Harthalín makes ready to repel the Easterlings. You must press on!"

Harthalín says; "Go, <name>! Do not worry for me!"
Harthalín says; "Go now! I shall keep them from following!"

Objective 20

The Witch-king can be found atop the overlook beyond the Easterling encampment.

You have tracked the Witch-king's steed to the far end of the Easterling encampment and should now climb the long stairs to the overlook. You must confront the Witch-king and rescue Thelaron.

Familiar hoof-prints lead deeper into the Easterling encampment...
The Witch-king's steed thrashes wildly at your approach — he and Thelaron must be nearby!


  • Confront the Witch-king and rescue Thelaron

The Witch-king can be found atop the overlook beyond the Easterling encampment.

You must confront the Witch-king and rescue Thelaron.

The Witch-king says; "You come too late, servant of Gil-galad!"
The Witch-king says; "Your fear has left you defenceless, and the Elf has been borne away by the winged beasts of my Master!"
The Witch-king says; "The Elf-king will never see him again, for he shall suffer evermore in the dungeons of Barad-dûr!'
The Witch-king says; "But you, <name>... you shall be changed, and you will return to Gil-galad as his greatest foe!"
The Witch-king says; "Such is the will of Sauron!"
The Witch-king says; "Suffer now, and rise anew into the realm of the Unseen!"

Objective 21

  • Mumble at Harthalín and try to move

Harthalín can be found at your bedside in Tham Send in the Last Homely House.

You have awoken from your encounter with the Witch-king within the haven of Imladris. Harthalín now sits at your bedside. You should try to speak to her.

Harthalín says; "Can it be?"
Harthalín says; "Lord Elrond, <name> has awoken at last!"
Elrond says; "Rest easy, my friend, you are safe from harm in Imladris."
Elrond says; "The wound has healed, but <name> remains in need of rest, Harthalín."
Harthalín says; "Rest well, my friend. I shall return in..."
You have awoken at long last!

Objective 22

  • Rest until you are fully healed

You have endured great suffering as a result of the wound dealt to you by the Witch-king. You should continue resting until you are fully healed.

Objective 23

  • Find Elrond in the Last Homely House

Elrond Halfelven can be found somewhere within Tham Send in the Last Homely House.

You have awoken from your long slumber and should now seek Elrond.

Objective 24

  • Talk to Elrond

Elrond Halfelven can be found within Tham Send in the Last Homely House.

You have found Elrond, and you should now speak with him.

Elrond: 'It brings me great joy to see you on your feet once more, <name>.
'After you fell, we attempted to heal you upon the battle plain, but the Witch-king of Angmar had dealt you a grievous injury -- one unlike any dealt to our peoples before by the hands of the Dark Lord. The decision was made to return you to Imladris, far from the lands of the Enemy. You suffered for years in restless agony as my healers worked to free you of the evils that lingered in your wound. When the war was ended, I returned to aid them and learned much of healing the foul wounds of Morgul-steel. When at last you could rest, you did so for many long years. Despite my efforts, you strength has diminished greatly. It may take a great time, but I believe you shall again know the power that lies within you.
'As for the task given you by Gil-galad, do you not consider it a failure, <name>. None could have foreseen the Enemy's malice in sending his Nazgûl to seize Thelaron. Tragically, he was never found -- even after Barad-dûr itself was brought to ruin. It wounded Gil-galad greatly to lose both you in the War, and it is said that his light was dimmed through all the battles that followed. Even so, he did not falter before the Enemy!
'No, you did not fail in vain, my friend. Our victory on the battle plain that day bore fruit, indeed. Sauron resisted our assaults for seven years in the Dark Tower, but in the end he was cast down by Gil-galad and Elendil. Elendil's son, Isildur, cut the Ring from Sauron's finger, destroying the Dark Lord and banishing him from this realm.
'Alas, there is more to be said on these matters...'

Objective 25

  • Walk with Elrond

Elrond Halfelven can be found within Tham Send in the Last Homely House.

Elrond is speaking to you of the great battle against Sauron and the fates of your kindred.

Elrond says; "Walk with me, <name>."
Elrond says; "You remember the War as if it were yesterday, do you not?"
Elrond says; "You are one of the few that remain in this realm that can recall it as I do, my friend."
Elrond says; "I come here often to reflect on the sacrifices we made in that War..."
Elrond says; "Indeed, Gil-galad and Elendil defeated the Dark Lord, but they did so at the cost of their own lives."
Elrond says; "The realms of Elves and Men were thus forever changed, and the world passed into the Third Age."
Elrond says; "And so it has been for many years now..."
Elrond says; "I do not wish to alarm you, <name>, but it is now the three thousand and eighteenth year of the Third Age."
Elrond says; "Even if much else has changed, Imladris is as you remember it."
Elrond says; "You have borne many burdens in your time, my friend, and so I give you leave to depart to the Havens if you wish it."
Elrond says; "There is another here who sustained a terrible wound in the War -- Hithgol is his name."
Elrond says; "Since chance has woken you today, perhaps he too is healed of the Enemy's wounds."
Elrond says; "See if he has woken from his long rest, and then we shall speak more of your journey to the Havens."

Objective 26

Hithgol can be found in one of the beds in Tham Send in the Last Homely House.

Hithgol, the warrior and herbalist who once aided Prince Amroth, sustained a blow from the Dark Lord. You should learn of his condition, and see if he shall soon be healed as well.

Despite appearing outwardly healed, Hithgol seems to be in a deep, uneasy slumber
Elf says; "His strength is returning, but he remains in restless slumber. A few months more, I think..."

Here the instance turns into Preparations for the Journey.

Objective 27

  • Talk to Elrond, gather your belongings, and depart on your journey with his sons

Elrond has given you leave to travel to the Havens, but you shall have need of supplies for your journey.

Elrohir: 'So Father has at last give you leave to travel from Imladris, <name>! I must say, I am excited to learn more of the battles of Ages past from you. Father told us not to bother you with so many questions, but this is likely our last chance. Is it not?
'I am certain Father has told you all about your journey ahead, but do not worry -- the matter of his dream need not trouble you! Besides, the journey to Mithlond shall give us enough time to speak on other matters. I would think the events of the past three thousand years would be of some interest to you!
'My brother and I stand ready to set out for the Ered Luin. If you are prepared we shall depart at once!'