Garth Agarwen

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Garth Agarwen
Region: Lone-lands
Dungeon(s): Garth Agarwen: Arboretum
Garth Agarwen: Barrows
Garth Agarwen: Fortress
Landmark(s): Garth Agarwen Gate
Ivar's Crypt
Spring of the Red Maid
Levels: Mainly 32 - 35

Garth Agarwen is an area within the Lone-lands, in the north-eastern region.

Garth Agarwen (Sindarin for Fortress of the Blood-maid) is reached via the Outer Gates within the north-eastern corner of Agamaur. Outside those gates are the services for Garth Agarwen, a Camp Site Fire with a Mustering Horn, Travelling Vendor, Eglain faction barterer, and quest givers.

For the world instances, head eastward past a stairway and, for the Barrows continue past the Créoth encampments; for Arboretum and Fortress, head southwards through a labyrinth of ruins, past a small section of woods, and into an area with gloomwaters and more créoths. At that section Temair the Devoted patrols a platform, heavily guarded by créoths. The instances are aimed at level 32, Small or normal Fellowships, and required prerequisites exist.


Landmarks which are located within the instances



A Corridor within Garth Agarwen
Temair's altar

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The following creatures are found within the public area:

Instance Overview


"When Men first settled in these lands, the Hillmen of Rhudaur settled Garth Agarwen and treated nature as they should. As time passed and the influence of the Witch-king spread throughout the kingdom, the Men fell to corruption and turned against nature, poisoning the land and its caretakers." & mdash; Quest

"Garth Agarwen lies in the north-east hills of the Lone-lands. Once a great fortress of the ancient kingdoms, rumours say that it has become a stronghold of corruption and evil." — Deed


Map of the Lone-lands