Quest:Chapter 1: The Battle Is Won

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Chapter 1: The Battle Is Won
Level 95
Type Solo
Starts with Gandalf
Starts at Helm's Deep
Start Region Helm's Deep (sunrise)
Map Ref [71.0N, 17.6W]
Ends with Déorwine
Ends at The Great Hall of the Hornburg
End Region Helm's Deep
Map Ref [63.9S, 89.9W]
Quest Chain Vol. III. Book 14
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'The battle is won, my friend, and now we must look to the future! The design of Saruman has been ruined, not by any spell or magic, but by the stout hearts of the Rohirrim and the swift speed of Shadowfax!'

Gandalf notices your study of the curious trees beyond the Dike.

'Ah, that forest is no magic of mine, <name>. A power much older than my own drives it to be here, and I could not have hoped for a more timely arrival than this!'

He hands you a number of healing poultices.

'Before we can proceed, we must attend to the hurts of those injured during the battle. These poultices will bring them some measure of relief. Speak with the King and see if he has need of such treatment, and then do what you can for the wounded.'


The battle has been won, and now the defenders of Helm's Deep recover from their hurts and look to the future.

Objective 1

Théoden King is to the south of Gandalf, on the field before the Hornburg, after sunrise.

Gandalf has given you a number of healing poultices and wants you to tend to the hurts of the King and his men.

Gandalf: 'You will find Théoden King to the south, enjoying the victory. Tend to his hurts, if he is injured, and heed any commands he may have.'
Théoden: 'We have seen victory this day, but our work is not ended. We have earned a brief respite only, and must take steps to ensure the safety of the Mark without much pause.'
The King sees the bundle of poultices in your hands and shakes his head.
'I am fine, <name>. I have suffered bruises only, and the strength of my fathers has kept me from sustaining grievous injury. Many of my men will have need of that healing; bring those packets to them and see to their hurts. Look too for men with swift horses, and command them to ride for all corners of the Mark with news of what happened at the Hornburg. I want every vale in the Riddermark to have tidings of our victory, and to send their strongest fighters to Edoras by the second day of the full moon.
'After you have exhausted the poultices and the riders have set forth, find Erkenbrand and give him my thanks for his timely arrival. Without his men this sun might have risen on a different day for Rohan.'

Objective 2

  • Issue Théoden's command to men who own swift horses (0/3)
  • Treat injured men with healing poultices (0/3)

Gandalf has asked you to bring healing poultices to injured men in Helm's Deep, and the King has asked you to bring his command to any men nearby who own swift horses.

This man regretfully owns no horse swift enough to carry the King's tidings
Rohirrim Soldier says, "I am sorry, but my horse is not swift enough for this message."
Rohirrim Soldier says, "I cannot deliver the King's message. My horse was slain during the fighting."
Rohirrim Soldier says, "My horse is old and slow. I cannot deliver the King's message."
Rohirrim Soldier says, "There must be swifter riders than I in the Deep. One of them may serve, surely."
The man agrees to ride forth at once
Rohirrim Soldier says, "I own the swiftest horse in the Westfold! I will get him at once!"
Rohirrim Soldier says, "I will bring Théoden's command throughout East Rohan!"
Rohirrim Soldier says, "I will get my horse at once!"
Rohirrim Soldier says, "I would be honoured to bring the King's command to Wildermore!"
Rohirrim Soldier says, "Let me get my horse!"
This man insists that his injuries are not severe, and will not take a poultice
Rohirrim Soldier says, "I will be fine. My wounds are not very severe."
Rohirrim Soldier says, "My injuries are not that severe. Bring those poultices to men who have a greater need."
Rohirrim Soldier says, "Save your poultices for men who need it. I will be fine."
The poultice has eased the man's pain
Rohirrim Soldier says, "Ah, thank you very much! My hurts are much improved!"
Rohirrim Soldier says, "Ah, that brings great relief to my injuries. Thank you.
Rohirrim Soldier says, "Thank you for the healing, friend."
Rohirrim Soldier says, "Thank you very much for the treatment."

Objective 3

  • Talk to Erkenbrand on the field of victory outside the Hornburg, after sunrise

Erkenbrand is on the field of battle outside the Hornburg, after sunrise.

Théoden asked you to find Erkenbrand on the field of victory and to thank him for his timely arrival.

Erkenbrand: 'This is a proud day for the Riders of the Mark, <name>. We have wrested victory from the very claw of Saruman, even as he thought his triumph assured. The House of Eorl is stronger than he supposed, despite thrice-cursed Wyrgende and the whispers of frailty that have been uttered throughout the Mark. Théoden King has fight in him still, as does his sister-son Éomer!'
Erkenbrand strikes his shield with the side of his sword, and cries 'Victory for the Eorlingas!' a cry that is answered from others of the Rohirrim throughout the field. After a moment he turns again to you with a smile.
'We have put the Dunlendings to work, <name>, hauling away the bodies of the Orcs and cleaning the field of battle. Any who take a solemn vow not to cross the Fords in war ever again will have the forgiveness of our King.'

Objective 4

  • Talk to Éomer on the field of victory outside the Hornburg, after sunrise

Éomer is on the field of victory outside the Hornburg, after sunrise.

Erkenbrand: 'Éomer has indicated to me a desire to ride with the King to Isengard. He will wish for you to ride there as well.'
Éomer: 'Gandalf has decided to ride to Isengard to confront Saruman, and my uncle has determined he should ride with him. Some others will go as well, but first we have need of rest. It will be a few hours before we ride for the Ring of Isengard and its evil master, and all of us toiled greatly during the night.
'Find Déorwine inside the Hornburg. He has begun to arrange bedrolls for those seeking to rest for the journey.'

Objective 5

  • Talk to Déorwine inside the fortress of the Hornburg, after sunrise

Déorwine is inside the fortress of the Hornburg, after sunrise.

Éomer thinks you should rest for a few hours inside the fortress of the Hornburg, before going with the King's company to the Ring of Isengard to confront Saruman.

Éomer: 'Find Déorwine inside the fortress of the Hornburg. He will arrange a place for you to rest before the company sets forth for Isengard.'
Déorwine: 'We spoke yesterday, around sunset, do you remember? It feels a lifetime ago, <name>!'