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Frodo Baggins is the Hobbit that was chosen for the delicate task to destroy the One Ring before it would be found by Sauron, or rather than it would find its way to him by itself. A new hobbit or man character will meet Frodo already in the first instance, very briefly, when he was on his way to Crickhollow. After that date all characters follow hard on his heels while he travels eastwards with his company, always a few days too late, and eventually meet him in Elrond's house in Rivendell. There he stays a few months, over the Council, and preparing for the departure which eventually happens on December 25 III 3018 (Shire Calendar).


Heir of Bilbo Baggins, and hero of the Company of the Ring. Renowned for bearing the One Ring to the land of Mordor, and bringing it to the Cracks of Doom.
Bilbo's cousin Frodo shares kinship with the Bagginses and Brandybucks, both influential families with long histories in the Shire. His parents died when he was just twelve years old, after which he lived with his Brandybuck relations at sprawling Brandy Hall in Buckland. Taller and fairer-skinned than most Hobbits, Frodo was prone to getting into trouble as a youngster (particularly by stealing mushrooms from the ornery Farmer Maggot), but most folk regarded him as a fine, if somewhat mischievous, young hobbit. He gained an interest in the languages, histories and tales of the Elves, presumably from conversations with Bilbo. Bilbo adopted him as his heir when Frodo was twenty-one, he moved to Bag End to live there.
In more recent years, particularly after Bilbo's strange disappearance during his eleventy-first birthday party, Frodo has seemed much less light of spirit, carrying a heavy burden of responsibility and keeping mostly to himself in Bag End, though few in the Shire dare guess what might be weighing so heavily upon him. His recent departure to live at Crickhollow, nearer to his Brandybuck kin, has been met with nearly as much speculation as Bilbo's departure 17 years ago. — lorebook

Frodo (Rivendell)

Frodo Baggins
Image of Frodo Baggins
Gender Male
Race Hobbit
Region Trollshaws
Area Rivendell
Settlement The Last Homely House
Interior Bilbo's Room
Map Ref [29.6S, 3.3W]

Frodo Baggins is found in Bilbo's Room within the Last Homely House, at the southern side of the ground floor. He is troubled and in deep discussions with Gandalf.

Quest Involvement


"I wonder how Bilbo is getting on with his latest poem."
"Lord Elrond must be very old, but he seems to be young all the same. There is a light about him."
"Aragorn is mysterious, but he no longer frightens me."
"My uncle Bilbo spends his time in the Hall of Fire, but this is his room."
"There are so many great Men and Elves and Dwarves here. I feel a little out of place."
"I hope Lobelia hasn't caused too much trouble for the Gaffer. He deserves better neighbours."
"I remember Bilbo's stories about Rivendell when I was young. It feels strange, being here."
"I never thought to see so much of the world. The Shire feels so far away and small."
"I have spent some time looking at the maps here, just in case."
"To my great relief, Gandalf has agreed to join the company!"
"I must keep track of our goings-on for Bilbo, or he will be very put out."

Frodo (Lothlórien)

Later Frodo Baggins is found at Cerin Amroth in Lothlórien. [11.8S, 67.7W]
Much later than that he appears in a dream, in a quest instance that takes place at the banks of Anduin in Gap of Rohan.

Quest Involvement

Frodo (East Rohan)

During Volume III, Book 7, the fellowship travels down the Anduin.

Quest Involvement

Frodo (Road to Mordor)

There are two more glimpses of Frodo on his journey to Mordor in the following quest instances:

Frodo (Mordor)

Frodo Baggins
Image of Frodo Baggins
Gender Male
Race Hobbit
Region Imlad Morgul
Area Torech Ungol

Frodo is encountered in several ways in Mordor

Quest Involvement
Gollum's gift to Shelob:

At Mount Doom:

Frodo (Cormallen)

Frodo Baggins
Image of Frodo Baggins
Gender Male
Race Hobbit
Region Ithilien
Area North Ithilien
Settlement Cormallen
Map Ref [47.8S, 12.2W]

After the ring is destroyed, and being saved by the eagles, Frodo and Sam rest on the field of Cormallen on the journey back the Gondor.

Quest Involvement

Frodo (Midsummer)

Frodo Baggins
Image of Frodo Baggins
Gender Male
Race Hobbit
Region Anórien (After Battle)
Settlement Minas Tirith (Midsummer)
Interior Merethrond - Banquet Hall
Map Ref [22.7N, 55.9W]

Frodo can be found in Midsummer Minas Tirith, ready to attend the wedding of Aragorn and Arwen. After the wedding ceremony, he sits at the high table in Merethrond between Gandalf and Sam.

Quest Involvement

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