Quest:Instance: The Assault on Archet

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Instance: The Assault on Archet
Level 5
Type Solo only
Starts with Jon Brackenbrook
Starts at Hunting Lodge
Start Region Archet Dale
Map Ref [24.9S, 47.0W]
Quest Group Introduction (Hobbit/Man)
Race(s) Hobbit, Man
Quest Text

The Assault on Archet
"Jon Brackenbrook and his hunters have reached the outskirts of Archet to find it already ablaze! A desperate struggle to save their village is about to begin. Hopefully, you have arrived in time...."


Archet is under attack. Jon Brackenbrook and the other hunters have decided to enter the town from the East Gate. You must go forward and learn the fate of Mundo, Celandine, Amdir, and Captain Brackenbrook.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Jon Brackenbrook
  • Fight alongside Jon Brackenbrook in Archet
  • Protect Jon Brackenbrook

You stand outside the breach in Archet's east wall, due west of the Hunter's Lodge.

You must prevent the Blackwolds from capturing Archet.

Hunter says, "Look out! They see us!"
Hunter says, "What? Where?"
Jon Brackenbrook says, "They have spotted us -- we move now!"
Jon Brackenbrook: 'There is not much time to lose. Already the town burns! We have only a short time to rest here before they see that we have broken through the East Wall. I fear that we are less safe by the moment....'
Jon Brackenbrook says, "We must help my father!"
Otto the Brigand says, "Poor Ned's done for! Ha!"
Otto the Brigand says, "That's for jailing us, Pruner!"
Otto the Brigand says, "Like the feel of my boot, Turnkey?"
Jailor Ned Pruner says, "Stop, I beg you!"
Jailor Ned Pruner says, "Mercy!"
Jailor Ned Pruner says, "Unnh!"
Peg Pruner says, "Hold on, Ned, I'm coming!"
Peg Pruner says, "O, which blasted key is it?"
Peg Pruner says, "Why did he lock this door?"
Jon Brackenbrook says, "We must save Ned!"
Otto the Brigand says, "Enough fun. Back to work!"
Jailor Ned Pruner says, "Unnh!"
(When all the brigands of the jailyard are defeated)
Jon Brackenbrook says, "Well done, <name>!"

Objective 2

  • Talk to Ned Pruner
  • Protect Jon Brackenbrook

Ned Pruner is grievously wounded and requires assistance.

Jailor Ned Pruner says, "I can't move...."
Jailor Ned Pruner says, "So cold...."
Jailor Ned Pruner says, "I cannot see...."
Jailor Ned Pruner says, "Peg...where are you...?"
Jailor Ned Pruner: 'Amdir... Amdir's close by. He escaped the slaughter at the Badger. You have to help him... defend the Badger...!
'Those Blackwolds want the hobbit... and the Captain. I... I saw something in the flames... go after them! You must save them...!'

Objective 3

  • Talk to Jon Brackenbrook
  • Fight alongside Jon Brackenbrook in Archet
  • Protect Jon Brackenbrook

Find a way to get to the centre of Archet and find Amdir.

After you defeated the prisoners, Ned Pruner told you that the Blackwold brigands had attempted to invade Archet at last, and that Amdir helped to defend the Inn. Amdir can be found somewhere ahead; you should aid him in the defence of The Mad Badger Inn.

After Ned died, his poor wife Peg came to attend to his body.

Peg Pruner says, "Ned! No!"
Peg Pruner says, "Oh, Ned!"
Peg Pruner says, "My poor Ned!"
Peg Pruner says, "What have they done to my Ned!"
Peg Pruner says, "Oh, Ned, I loved you so..."
Peg Pruner: 'You need to find a way to the Badger. The Blackwolds are attacking every corner of town. Quickly, go find Amdir and end those Blackwolds! Leave me with my poor Ned....'
Jon Brackenbrook: 'Calder Cob's and Otto's treachery were just the beginning of this battle, I fear. We must find a way to the Mad Badger Inn. Peg has left us a way into the marketplace. Perhaps there is a way in through there! Follow me!'

Objective 4

  • Talk to Jon Brackenbrook
  • Fight alongside Jon Brackenbrook in Archet
  • Protect Jon Brackenbrook

The Archet market square is blocked, and Jon Brackenbrook is worried that you are too late. He wants to press on.

Jon Brackenbrook says, "Let's be sure the market-place is safe, <name>. Come with me!"
Jon Brackenbrook says, "It looks like this way is blocked! We must find a new route."
Jon Brackenbrook says, "There are more up ahead!"
(When all the brigands of the market square are defeated)
Jon Brackenbrook says, "You fight well, <name>! But I fear the worst is yet to come."
Jon Brackenbrook: 'The marketplace is safe for now, but we must press on! If we tarry too long, we will lose all of Archet!
'We must find another way into the centre of town!'

Objective 5

  • Talk to Jon Brackenbrook
  • Fight alongside Jon Brackenbrook in Archet
  • Protect Jon Brackenbrook

You were too late to save the crafters' area, but it may not be too late to save all of Archet.

Jon Brackenbrook says, "Now we should secure the crafters' area. Come!"
Jon Brackenbrook says, "Those black-hearted fiends have laid waste to our town. I hope we are not too late!"
Jon Brackenbrook says, "Look, Atli is ahead! All must not be lost, <name>."
Jon Brackenbrook says, "Well met, friend. Is the Crafting Hall safe?"
Atli Spider-bane says, "A group of Blackwolds entered that building yonder not long ago, Jon. Together, surely we can take them and reclaim this area!"
Jon Brackenbrook says, "Well, then! Let's not tarry. We must save Arch-- Ah! Look!"
(When all the brigands of the crafters' area are defeated)
Jon Brackenbrook says, "We must brace ourselves for the worst!"
Jon Brackenbrook: 'You have fared well, my friend, but all might be lost nonetheless. We have protected the market square and the crafters' area. Already the Mad Badger burns. Perhaps my father is still alive, but... I hold little hope.
'Follow Atli and me! We will defend what is left of this town to the death, if we must!'
Jon Brackenbrook says, "We are almost there, my friend. My father will still be alive; I know it!"
Jon Brackenbrook says, "Father! I knew you would survive."
Captain Brackenbrook says, "I am alive, son, but I grow weary from the fight. Does Archet fall now? I have been a fool!"
Jon Brackenbrook says, "This is not the time for blame. We must look only to defending those who count on us for safety."
Captain Brackenbrook says, "I agree. I will guard the hobbits and the injured man. Can you keep the attackers at bay?"
Captain Brackenbrook says, "They approach! Defend us!"
Jon Brackenbrook says, "Prepare for the final onslaught!"

Objective 6

  • Defeat the Blackwolds and their leader
  • Protect Jon Brackenbrook

Protect Archet by defeating the Blackwolds' invasion.

Amdir was rendered powerless by the morgul-wound he suffered from the Nazgûl, and now it is up to you to save Archet from the Blackwolds.

Cargûl says, "There is no more time for games! We come for the Ranger!"
Captain Brackenbrook says, "What have you done, Calder Cob? What have you become?"
Calder Cob says, "You have always been blind where I am concerned, Captain. But perhaps you begin to understand me."
Captain Brackenbrook says, "All I know is that you betrayed your home and your peoples. You should be ashamed."
Cargûl says, "Enough talk. Amdir is now a servant of Mordor. Come, Dúnadan..."
Amdir says, "...Yes, Master."
Captain Brackenbrook says, "Amdir, no! Don't go with them!"
Captain Brackenbrook says, "What is happening?"
Captain Brackenbrook says, "No!"
Cargûl says, "Calder Cob, finish what you came to do."
Calder Cob says, "Gladly. I will have the power in Archet now, Brackenbrook!"
Jon Brackenbrook says, "Father! No!"

Objective 7

  • Talk to Jon Brackenbrook
  • Protect Jon Brackenbrook

With Archet saved, you should speak with Jon Brackenbrook.

Jon Brackenbrook: 'This is a sad day indeed. Archet is burned, my father is dead, and the Ranger was taken by evil Men, if Men they can be called.
'Now, all we can do is wait for the flames to die down. Then... with luck, we may begin to rebuild our poor town.'

The Hobbit version:

Jon Brackenbrook: 'This is no place for a hobbit. Let us see that you and the others get safely back to the Shire.'

The Race of Man version:

Jon Brackenbrook: 'What tragedy has befallen us this night! But we defeated the Blackwold menace. I think it will be long ere they grow so bold again, with or without the help of the evil masters of Angmar.'