Ufurok, the Dreadfast

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Ufurok, the Dreadfast
Type: Fortress
Region: Morgul Vale
Area: Thuringwath
Location: [71.6S, 7.7E]

Ufurok, the Dreadfast
Ufurok, the Dreadfast

Ufurok is a landmark within Thuringwath, in the Morgul Vale. [71.6S, 7.7E]

It was to Ufurok, the Dreadfast, that the Witch-king of Angmar drew five of the mightiest Gaunt-men of the Elder Days. It was his will to empower them, crafting them into terrible, twisted reflections of the Wizards whose arrival in Middle-earth threatened the Dark Lord. The fell sorceries of the Witch-king unmade them and reshaped them into the Gaunt-lords. These were their names, and their number was five: Ivar the Blood-hand, Thadúr the Ravager, Ferndúr the Virulent, Drugoth the Death-monger, and Gortheron the Doom-caller.

Ufurok guards the Dire Span and the entrance to the Houses of Lamentation, its original purpose, and contains monuments to the Gaunt-lords attended by a number of lesser Gaunt-men. There are three main levels in the Dreadfast.



These deeds can be advanced by visiting Ufurok.