Bucklebury Ferry

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Bucklebury Ferry
Type: Ferry Crossing
Region: The Shire
Area: The Marish
Location: [33.5S, 63.5W]
The Shire side
The Shire side

Bucklebury Ferry is a point of interest within the Marish, in the Shire.

This ferry once brought passengers over the river Brandywine between the Shire and Bree-land. [33.5S, 63.5W] [33.5S, 63.0W]

This ferry is dated from no earlier than III 2340, the year of the first settlement in Buckland. It was a simple arrangement of wooden landings on each side of the river and a small raft running between the two, and a small boat to catch the raft. Now the boat has gone missing and the raft is currently docked on the Buckland side of the river. Perhaps the boat was pulled from the water to protect against intruders, or simply abandoned to drift down the Brandywine to places unknown.


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"They turned down the Ferry lane, which was straight and well-kept and edged with large white-washed stones. In a hundred yards or so it brought them to the river-bank, where there was a broad wooden landing-stage. A large flat ferry-boat was moored beside it. The white bollards near the water's edge glimmered in the light of two lamps on high posts. (...) Merry led the pony over a gangway on to the ferry, and the others followed. Merry then pushed slowly off with a long pole. The Brandywine flowed slow and broad before them." — The Fellowship of the Ring, by Tolkien