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Valinor, or Valinórë, is the realm of the Valar, centrally placed on the western island continent of Aman. It lies across the Great Sea Belegaer from the larger landmass of Middle-earth.

In the dawn ages, Valinor also became home to the Elves who sailed across the sea, while others remained in Middle-earth. Those who remained in Middle-earth retained a sea-longing, an innate wish to travel to the Lands of Light in the west, which had to be either heeded, endured or suppressed. This sea-longing has heavily influenced the culture and history of the Elven people.

Those Elves who beheld the light of Valinor and then returned to Middle-earth are known as High Elves. These are among the most revered of Elves in Middle-earth, and include such illustrious examples as Gil-galad, Galadriel, Glorfindel and Celebrimbor.


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