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Not as long-lived as Elves, sturdy as Dwarves, or resilient as Hobbits, the Race of Man is renowned for their courage and resourcefulness.

The Race of Man is the shortest-lived of the Races of Middle-earth, yet it is also the race destined to rule in the years beyond the Third Age. Their mortality was considered a unique gift, but in time it became known as “The Doom of Men” and the source of lamentation. Men and Women are capable of great courage and honour, yet they can also easily fall prey to ambition, deceit and betrayal.

Playable Classes: Brawler, Burglar, Captain, Champion, Guardian, Hunter, Lore-master, Mariner, Minstrel, Rune-keeper, Warden

Starting Area: Archet

Race of Man Names

Bree-folk often use simple, English-styled names. Sometimes Bree-landers go by their last names, which are almost always related to plants, such as Appledore, Thistleway, Butterbur, or Ferny.

  • Common Bree-men names are short: Ned, Bill, Mat, Wil, or Tom, but longer or less familiar names -- such as Barliman, Humphrey, or Cuthbert -- are not unknown.
  • Common Bree-women names are simple: Ellie, Dora, Adela, and Clara, though less familiar names -- such as Amabel, Maribel, or Livina -- are not unknown.

Dale-folk tend to use Norse or Anglo-Saxon names, such as Bard, Brand, Eadald, or Hengest for men, or Ethelhild, Beornwyn, Cynwise, or Leofwen for women.

  • Common Dale-men name endings: -bryt, -dryt, -ea, -ferth, -frid, -frith, -gar, -helm, -here, -laf, -nath, -red, -ric, -rid, -sig, -stan, -thryth, -werd, -wald, -wig, -wine, and -wulf.
    Common prefixes: Ald-, An-, Beo-, Beorth-, Cen-, Ceol-, Cuth-, Ead-, Egel-, Elf-, Esc-, Ethel-, Forth-, Frea-, Grim-, Guth-, Hes-, Ord-, and Theod-.
  • Common Dale-women name endings: -bur, -fled, -gifu, -leofu, -swith, -thryth, -waru, -wen, -and -wyn, among others.
    Common prefixes: Elf-, Esc-, Ethel-, Beorn-, Ceo-, Cwen-, Cyn-, Ead-, Eal-, Here-, Leof-, and Wulf-.

With rare exceptions, men and women of Gondor have Sindarin names. Beregond, Boromir, and Faramir are examples of Gondor men's names; Gilraen and Ioreth are women's names.

  • Common masculine endings in Sindarin: -adan, -aran, -bor, -born, -dir, -dor, -had, -ion, -las, -or, -orn, -phant, -phor, -randir, -ras, -rod, -rond, -ros, -thelion, -thir, -uil, and -vorn.
    Common prefixes: Adan-, Aeg-, Am-, Aran-, Bara-, Beleg-, Celeb-, Curu-, Dag-, El-, Fela-, Fin-, Gal-, Gil-, Hal-, Ing-, Lin-, Mal-, Pen-, Tar-, Thurin-, and Ul-.
  • Common feminine name endings in Sindarin: -anor, -dal, -dis, -el, -eth, -iel, -il, -gil, -los, -raen, -riel, -rian, -uilas, -uilos, -wen, and -wing.
    Common prefixes: Adan-, And-, Ar-, Bel-, Breg-, Celeb-, Dol-, Edhel-, El-, Fan-, Find-, Galadh-, Gil-, Hir-, Ior-, Ir-, Lal-, Mel-, Mor-, Nim-, Rod-, Sael-, and Tinú-.

Men and women of Rohirrim use Anglo-Saxon names, such as Eomer, Erkenbrand, and Théoden for men, or Beornwyn, Cynwise, Éorwyn, or Léofwen for women.

  • Common name endings for men of Rohirrim: -bryt, -dryt, -ea, -ferth, -frid, -frith, -gar, -helm, -here, -nath, -red, -ric, -rid, -sig, -stan, -thryth, -werd, -wald, -wig, -wine, and -wulf.
    Common prefixes: Ald-, An-, Beo-, Beort-, Beorn-, Cen-, Ceol-, Coen-, Cuth-, Ead-, Egel-, Elf-, Eo-, Esc-, Ethel-, Forth-, Frea-, Grim-, Guth-, Hes-, Ord-, and Theod-.
  • Common name endings for women of Rohirrim: -bur, -fled, -gifu, -leofu, -swith, -thryth, -waru, -wen, -and -wyn.
    Common prefixes: Elf-, Esc-, Ethel-, Beorn-, Ceo-, Cwen-, Cyn-, Ead-, Eal-, Eo-, Here-, Leof-, and Wulf-.

Race of Man Origins

  • of Bree-land - You grew up in Bree-land, once part of the North Kingdom of Arnor, once ruled by Elendil the Tall as High King of Middle-earth, and later by his elder son Isildur. Now it is but a simple, rustic land, and the North Kingdom is no more.
  • of Dale - You come from the Dale-lands in the northeast of Middle-earth, beneath the Lonely Mountain, where Bard the Bowman slew the dragon Smaug and fought in the Battle of Five Armies.
  • of Gondor - You hail from the land of Gondor, the South Kingdom once ruled conjointly by the sons of Elendil, Isildur and Anárion, ever-watchful against the looming threat of Mordor.
  • of Rohan - You are one of the Horse-lords of the Riddermark, the realm granted to Eorl the Young by Cirion, Steward of Gondor, currently ruled by Théoden, Son of Thengel.

Passive Skills

 Diminishing of Mankind: [-477 at Level 150] Will.
 Easily Inspired: +5% Incoming Healing.
 Gift of Men: [+1,000 at Level 150] Fate.
 Strong Men: [+1,200 at Level 150] Might.

Racial Deeds and Traits

For details see Race of Man Traits

Trait Description Level Deed
Upper-cut Grants the skill Upper-cut 13 Enmity of the Dead (50)
Tactics and Might Bonus +5% to Fellowship Manoeuvre healing and damage 19 Enmity of the Dead II (100)
Man Sword-damage Bonus +5% to 1H and 2H Sword damage 25 Enmity of the Dead III (150)
Man of the Fourth Age [+1,200 at Level 150] Will 13 Enmity of the Wargs (50)
Return to Bree Grants the skill Return to Bree 29 Enmity of the Wargs II (150)
Duty-bound Grants the skill Duty-bound 35 Enmity of the Wargs III (250)
Balance of Man [+9450 at Level 150] Evade, [+7560 at Level 150] Parry, [+7560 at Level 150] Block rating 30 Enmity of the Hillmen (150)
Strength of Morale Grants the skill Strength of Morale 35 Enmity of the Hillmen II (250)
Virtuous Man +1 Confidence, Justice, and Patience 20 Friend of Men of Bree

These are obtained via completion of Race of Man Deeds.

Men of Lore