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Type: Crafting Instance
Region: Moria
Area: The Redhorn Lodes
Location: [13.0S, 105.7W]


Gharâf-fehem is located in the Redhorn Lodes [13.0S, 105.7W] in Moria.

Gharâf-fehem is one of three Moria Crafting Instance Nodes.

The common resource that can be found is:
 Chunk of Khazâd Skarn
The rare resources that can be found are:
 Chunk of Bright Brimstone used by Metalsmiths
 Chunk of Lime used by Scholars
 Chunk of Pink Rock-salt used by Jewelers
 Dawn-rose used by Jewelers
 Aquamarine used by Jewelers
 Hard Whetstone used by Weaponsmiths
The very rare resource that can be found is:
 Mithril Flake used by many vocations in special recipes
When you enter each resource instance, you'll get a message that says the instance will reset in so many days/hrs/min, which happens twice a week. These timers have nothing to do with the quests, but everything to do with the resource nodes. The nodes only reset when the instances do, but you can still re-run the instances the next day and complete the quests again, but the nodes won't be there whether you harvest them or not. So if you run the instances and don't harvest the nodes and then leave, when you return the next day the nodes will have de-spawned and you have to wait until it resets before they will appear again

A key to an Iron Garrison Resource Cache can be obtained upon completion of the quests by bartering the  Iron Garrison Resource Token received as a quest reward.

Quest Involvement

Related quests that start or are found in this area include: