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Region: East Rohan
Area: Sutcrofts
Location: [60.6S, 61.7W]


The emblem of Snowbourn

Snowbourn is a settlement located within the area of Sutcrofts in East Rohan The Reeve of the Sutcrofts, Fastred resides here.



The following services can be found within the settlement of Snowbourn:

Auction Hall

The following are found in the Auction Hall:


Class Trainers

The following Class Trainers are found in the Barracks:

Snowbourn Tavern

The following are found in the Tavern:

Snowbourn Vault


Crafting facilities are available in two locations, one is outside:

Craft Hall of Snowbourn

NOTE: There is an outdoor crafting area separate from the craft hall. Winebyrt is standing outside the door of the actual craft hall. It is west, slightly southwest, of the outdoor crafting area. The following are found in the Craft Hall:


The following NPCs provide services:



Skirmish Camp

The Skirmish camp is outside the North Gate. [59.8S, 62.7W]


The following deeds can be obtained by visiting this place:


See Category:Snowbourn Quests

  1. [84] A Message for Fastred - vector from Garsfeld
  2. [84] Bracing for Battle
  3. [84] Making An Example
  4. [84] The Survivor
  5. [84] The Tainted Crop
  6. [84] An Unnerving Message
  7. [84] The Reeve's Family
  8. [85] The Father of the Sutcrofts
  9. [84] Striking Eastward -- vector to Walstow

The Riders Four

  1. [84] The Reeve of the Sutcrofts - Available after receiving A Message for Fastred
  2. [84] A Thirst for Blood

Continued after Walstow quests:

  1. [84] The Forgotten Son - vector from Walstow
  2. [84] Missing the Mark
  3. [84] Justice Served
  4. [84] Extracting Information
  5. [85] A Warning from Walstow
  6. [85] The Broken Family
  7. [85] The First Assault
  8. [85] On These Stones
  9. [85] Peace on the Crofts
  10. [85] The Reeve Restored



The town of Snowbourn is named after the river which heads straight for its walls on the other side of the Entwash. The River Snowbourn, in turn, is named for the snowmelt in the White Mountains where its waters originate. According to Gísling, Snowbourn is built in the remains of an old Gondorian castle, Ost Lothrant.