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Image of Gléowine
Gender Male
Race Man
Region West Rohan
Area Kingstead
Settlement Edoras
Interior Meduseld
Map Ref [62.3S, 72.8W]


Gléowine, the minstrel of Théoden, is found first at Edoras, later at Snowbourn and at Helm's Deep. Finally, he travels to the War-stead of the Eorlingas and into the Battle of Pelennor Fields.

He carries with him a map which provides access to the "Vol III Interludes". Once his involvement in the epic quest line has ended, he will be with his map in Nona's Cave in Wildermore.

Quest Involvement

Vol. III, Book 9

Vol. III, Book 10

Vol. III, Book 11

Vol. III, Book 13

Vol. IV, Book 5

Vol. IV, Book 6