Old Forest

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Old Forest
Region: Bree-land
Landmark(s): Abandoned Cottage
Bald Hill
Bonfire Glade
The Broken Heart
Creaking Vale
Dark-paw Vale
Dire Glade
East Forest Road
The Forlorn Glade
Goldberry's Spring
Old Barrows Road
Old Forest Tunnel
Old Man Willow
Old Muddyfoot's Hill
The Old Oak's Grave
The Shade Pool
The Shifting Wood
Tom Bombadil's House
Tomnoddy Corner
The Weaver's Den
Weeping Water
Willow Glade
Withywindle Crossing
Northern Barrow-downs
Southern Bree-fields
Southern Barrow-downs
Southern Old Forest - Cardolan
Levels: Mainly 16 - 21
Resource tier: Journeyman

The Old Forest is an area within Bree-land in the southern region.

This famous, untamed forest, with its narrow mazes, lies just east of Buckland across the High Hay, south of Southern Bree-fields, and west of Barrow-downs. Entrances are, from the west via the Old Forest Tunnel, from the east via the Old Barrows Road, or from the north via openings or paths such as East Forest Road. For a traveller's essay we recommend A Pleasant Guide to the Old Forest.

The Old Forest provides lower level characters with adventures and challenging explorations of the realms depicted in Tolkien's fictional realm. Try following the path that Frodo and his fellowship might endured not long ago, about September 26, III 3018, from Crickhollow to Tom Bombadil's House:

Getting lost in the Shifting Wood, eating one's lunch-repast at the Bald Hill and taking a short nap under the sun, getting lost down the Withywindle and resting, completely exhausted, by the trunk of the Old Man Willow, to finally escaping uphill to Tom's place.

The southern section rather invites for lots of creature hunting. Or picking flowers hidden at the most difficult locations.

No services are provided within the Old Forest, the closest being within Buckland and at Adso's Camp, both with vendors and stable-masters. There are also quests givers located, mainly at Buckland and Adso's Camp, and mainly for the levels 16 to 21.


Tom Bombadil's House
Bald Hill
The Weaver's Den
Goldberry's Spring
Bonfire Glade




These deeds can be advanced by exploring the Old Forest.


See "list of NPCs" within the Old Forest

Gillemin Brandybuck [33.8S, 59.3W]
Marigold Boffin - (various locations)


See "starting quests" and the landmarks for more quests



The following creatures are found within the area:


"A remnant of the great forests of Middle-earth in the Second Age; most of these forests were felled by the Númenóreans, but two isolated woodlands remained. The Old Forest was the northern of these two (the other being Fangorn in the south)." — [lorebook]

"Throughout the ages of Middle-earth the Old Forest has remained an ominous region. Dark tales abound of trees coming to life and misleading those who tread harshly upon their roots. The most sinister of stories is often told to young Hobbits to keep them out of the Old Forest; it speaks of a monstrous tree called Old Man Willow, whose tremendous claw-like branches snatch up unwary travelers. The tales work to keep most folks at bay, coupled with the fact that many who have ventured into the Old Forest—either alone or with companions—have never been heard from again. — These precarious and ancient woods are thought to be the northern remnants of the great forests harvested by the Men of Númenor who ruled during the Second Age." — Hero's Guide

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Map of the Old Forest Old Forest POIs

Detailed Maps
Old Forest Named Creatures Old Forest map by Varghedin

Map of Bree-land Bree-land map by Varghedin