Quest:Instance: The Skin-changer's Heritage

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Instance: The Skin-changer's Heritage
Level 1
Type Solo
Starts with Landscape
Starts at Meadhollow
Start Region Meadhollow
Map Ref [13.7N, 53.1W]
Ends with Horse
Ends at Meadhollow
End Region Meadhollow
Map Ref [13.6N, 53.3W]
Quest Group Beorning
Class Beorning
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

The Skin-changer's Heritage
"In the vales of the Anduin, the children and grandchildren of Beorn live a rustic and peaceful life. Soon, they too will need to face the shadow that threatens all of Middle-earth...."


You have lived in the sheltered vales of the river Anduin for all of your life, but now the wild lands beckon you, and adventure lies before you.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Sterkist beside Grimbeorn's pond
  • Follow Sterkist and ease your brother's grumbling... if you can

You and your brother Sterkist have spent many idle afternoons watching the still waters of the pond by Grimbeorn's lodge, once the work was done.

Sterkist is in a philosophical mood this particular afternoon, and wishes to continue your conversation.

Sterkist: 'How many afternoons have we spent in this way, <name>? Once the work is done, and our chores finished, it seems every day sees us staring out at the pond of Grimbeorn our elder, thinking airy thoughts.'
Sterkist sighs, as he often does on such afternoons, and scratches idly at his arm.
'You are my <sibling>, <name>, and we keep no secrets from each other. Is this all we have a right to expect? The blood of the skin-changer flows within us, and must move us to greater deeds than this.'

Sterkist says, "Are we not descended from Grimbeorn, and from Beorn before him?"
Sterkist says, "You know we are. That is a proud heritage, one claimed by only few!"
Sterkist says, "Few can do what we can, <name>!"
Sterkist says, "Why does Grimbeorn insist that we stay near our home?"
Sterkist says, "Wait a moment. Who is that?"
Sterkist says, "Let us see, <name>!"
Sterkist says, "Is that... Radagast? Radagast the Wizard?"
Sterkist says, "It is!"
Grimbeorn says, "Pardon the interruption, Radagast."
Radagast says, "Oh, it is no bother..."
Grimbeorn says, "Sometimes cubs do not know when to keep their silence."
Grimbeorn says, "We will speak inside."
Grimbeorn says, "And I will speak to them later."
Sterkist says, "Why do you think a Wizard would come here, <name>?"

Objective 2

The Wizard Radagast has come to Grimbeorn's lodge, and your mind races to determine the reason. Your brother Sterkist wants your help to learn what has brought the Wizard from his Mirkwood home.

Sterkist: 'I have only seen Radagast once or twice, and that was when we were very young; do you remember? We were very small then, and he was kind to us, but I do not think he enjoyed leaving his home in Mirkwood.
'Something serious must have happened to draw him here, my <sibling>! I will sniff around the lodge and see if I can overhear any of his conversation with our sire, and you should talk to Varthmath at the animal pens. Our cousin talks little, but he hears much, and he might know something.'
Sterkist says, "Find Varthmath at the animal pens and see if he knows anything."
Sterkist says, "I will see what I can learn around here!"
Sterkist says, "Hmmm..."
Sterkist says, "Speak up!"

Objective 3

  • Talk to Varthmath at the animal pen west of Grimbeorn's lodge

Varthmath may know what brought Radagast out of Mirkwood, and you should find him at the animal pen to the west of the lodge. Your cousin is a man of few words, but his keen ears miss little.

Varthmath: 'What brings you hither, cousin?'
You tell Varthmath that Radagast the Wizard has left Mirkwood and is speaking with Grimbeorn, and that you hoped he might have heard why. Varthmath responds with a brusque snort.
'I know what brings him here: his own business. If it becomes a concern of ours, Grimbeorn will let us know. Until that time you should mind your own matters. Even better: you should make yourself useful to me.
'One of our milk-cows has wandered from the pen. Find her before she gets outside the surrounding wall, and tell her to return.'
Varthmath says, "Find the wandering milk-cow and send her back to the pen."
Varthmath says, "Let the Wizard worry about his own affairs."

Objective 4

  • Find the meandering milk-cow and convince her to return to her pen

One of the milk-cows has wandered out of the pen, and Varthmath wants you to find her and send her back before she leaves Grimbeorn's yard.

Meandering Milk-cow: You approach the milk-cow and she lows nervously. Something has caused her distress. What could it be?
When you were young you developed the ability to understand many animal languages, a gift of your ancestor Beorn. You call upon this natural facility now to speak gentle reassurances to the milk-cow.
Before long her calm nature returns and she begins to move slowly back to her pen.

Objective 5

  • Talk to Ofolmóth and learn what he wants from you

Ofolmóth has called your name. He is standing just beyond the gate of Grimbeorn's yard.

Ofolmóth says, "Oi, <name>! What are you doing?"
Ofolmóth: 'Has it come to this, <name>? Do you serve those lazier than you, fetching lost cows and running errands?'
Ofolmóth laughs harshly.
'You are of Beorn's line, as am I, but I have not forgotten what that means. To you it means little! We should live our lives with ferocity, seizing each moment with tooth and claw. No one is my master.
'I fear you have grown soft, <name>. Only by harnessing your Wrath in battle can you truly live up to your heritage! Prepare yourself for a battle and test your skills against me!'

Objective 6

  • Speak to Ofolmóth when you are ready to engage in battle with him

Ofolmóth believes that the line of Beorn is best served by constant and ferocious battle. He wants to ensure that you are as strong as you can be, and wants you to test your skills against him in battle.

He has asked you to speak to him when you are ready.

Ofolmóth says, "Speak to me when you are ready, and we will test our skills in battle!"
Ofolmóth: 'There are few like us, <name>. That is why I test you as I do. The legacy of Beorn is rare and dwindling. We must use it to be the strongest of his children and grandchildren! As we do battle, the Wrath fills our hearts, and drives us with great ferocity, empowering the skills we use in combat!
'Let our foes beware! They tangle with the line of Beorn at their peril!'
Ofolmóth says, "Let your Wrath fuel your abilities, and harness the beast within you!"
Ofolmóth says, "Your skills improve, <name>, but they are not yet at their peak."
Ofolmóth says, "Do as I do, and practice your abilities on the sickle-flies in the clover."
Ofolmóth says, "They are a nuisance, but if they help you hone your skills they will be of some value."

Objective 7

Ofolmóth wants you to test your mettle against the sickle-flies around the surrounding fence. If you work your way around the fence to the west and south, you will find the nuisances in sufficient numbers to get some good practice.

Ofolmóth: 'I find nothing so maddening as weakness, <name>. Drive it from your body with training and practice! The line of Beorn deserves nothing less.
'Follow the surrounding fence and pratice your skills against the sickle-flies you find. Such training will make you stronger and more fierce!'
Defeated sickle-flies (8/8)
Your sister Langhár calls to you from the south-west

Objective 8

  • Talk to Langhár in the fields outside Grimbeorn's yard, to the south-west
  • Follow Langhár as she continues her walk through the fields

Your sister Langhár often wanders the clover-fields, keeping a watch on any threats that stray too near to Grimbeorn's home. She called to you after you defeated many sickle-flies, and she can be found to the south-west.

Langhár: 'I did not think to see you again today, my <sibling>! Most afternoons you spend daydreaming in the sun with Sterkist. What is different about this day?'
You tell Langhár that Radagast the Wizard has paid a visit to Grimbeorn and that Ofolmóth set you to fighting the sickle-flies for practice. Your sister smirks and adopts a gruff, snarly voice.
'Fight! Roar! Battle! Growl! The line of Beorn is the finest of all,' she booms in a passable impression of Ofolmóth.

Langhár says, "I think Ofolmóth could stand to brood less upon our mighty heritage, and more time helping out."
Langhár says, "Will you accompany me, <name>? I am nearly ready to return."
Langhár says, "It has been years since Radagast came to our home-land."
Langhár says, "He would not leave his home in the Mirkwood unless he had serious cause to do so."
Langhár says, "The Carrock."
Langhár says, "I know that you and Sterkist often climb the carved steps and stand atop the summit."
Langhár says, "Do you think you will go beyond the Carrock and cross the river one day?"
Langhár says, "I think one day you will."
Langhár says, "Something is not right. Can you feel it?"
Langhár says, "Goblins!"

Objective 9

  • Hurry back to the entrance of Grimbeorn's lodge

Goblins have come to the vales of the Anduin, and you should return to Grimbeorn's lodge and warn your family of the threat.

Langhár says, "Hurry back to the lodge, <name>, and tell them we are under attack!"
Langhár says, "I will stay here and deal with any goblins still lurking about!"

Objective 10

  • Hurry to Grimbeorn's lodge to warn him of the goblins

Goblins have come to the vales of the Anduin, and you should bring word of their presence to Grimbeorn at his lodge.

Ofolmóth is surrounded by the bodies of goblins
Ofolmóth says, "Goblins, <name>! Go tell Grimbeorn!"
Ofolmóth: 'These goblins thought they could best me? Foolish creatures! It would take two dozen goblins to draw blood, and still I would be their better.
'Hurry to the lodge and tell Grimbeorn the goblins have lost any of the wits they may have once had.'

Objective 11

  • Talk to Sterkist outside Grimbeorn's lodge

Goblins have converged on Grimbeorn's yard, and you should bring word to him of their attack.

Sterkist says, "What has happened? I heard fighting!"
Sterkist: You quickly tell Sterkist about the goblins that attacked you and Langhár.
'That is very peculiar, <name>! Beorn put the fear of our kind in the goblins when he stalked these vales, and we have done our part to maintain their terror of us, have we not? What could make them think to stray once again to this side of the river?'
Sterkist says, "Our sister was not hurt, was she?"
Sterkist says, "Sometimes goblins have thick skulls, and she might carelessly chip a tooth or a nail."
Sterkist says, "We need to tell Grimbeorn!"
Grimbeorn says, "Tell me what?"
Sterkist says, "Goblins! The goblins dare to attack us!"

Objective 12

  • Listen to Radagast's tidings of the wider world

It seems that Radagast already knew of the goblin-movements, and his visit to Grimbeorn related in some way to the rising troubles of the world.

Radagast says, "It is as I told you, Grimbeorn."
Radagast says, "A dark power is rising once more, sending forth its evil."
Radagast says, "Animals... plants... all living things are threatened!"
Grimbeorn says, "My family is strong, Radagast."
Grimbeorn says, "We do not fear goblins. They feared my father Beorn, and they fear me."
Grimbeorn says, "They will fear my children, in time."
Radagast says, "I thought I could remain in isolation as well, but this time that is folly."
Radagast says, "I must bring warnings to the folk we can trust: Wizards, Elves, Dwarves, Rangers."
Radagast says, "But I cannot be everywhere, Grimbeorn."
Radagast says,, "I came to you because I need the message delivered quickly. Send all your children!"
Sterkist says,, "I will go!"
Langhár says, "I can run faster than Sterkist!"
Grimbeorn says, "Be silent!"
Grimbeorn says, "I will spare only one of my line, Radagast."
Grimbeorn says, "I will send <name> with your message."
Sterkist says, "That is not fair!"

 Objective 13

Grimbeorn has made his decision: he will send you on Radagast's errand, to bring a warning of the rising darkness that threatens Middle-earth.

Grimbeorn: 'Yes, young one. I have made my decision. You will leave this sheltered land and bring a message of warning where the Wizard believes it must go. I long thought our folk could remain separate from the other peoples, as my father wished, but these are no longer those days.
'Perhaps I will send others in the days ahead, but for now you will represent the line of Beorn in the wider world. Act with strength and clarity of purpose, <name>, and let all who see you say, 'There goes a <gender> of Beorn's line. Cross <them> at your peril!'
'I do not believe in long farewells, young one. Learn your task from the Wizard, say goodbye to your siblings, and bring no disfavour upon our line.'

Objective 14

  • Talk to Radagast

Radagast has an urgent errand for you to undertake, and it will take you far from the familiar lands of your home.

Grimbeorn says, "I have said my piece."
Radagast: 'Good, good, good! I worried that Grimbeorn would not see the urgency of this matter, but reason has won out. I have always had a way with bears and beasts, and well... you see... nevermind, nevermind. Not important!
'A dark power is rising, <name>. I cannot put a name to it, if indeed it has a name, but something has unsettled the natural world. I will seek the greatest of the Five Wizards, for he has made a study of many things unknown to me and may know what is happening.
'I want you to seek out someone else. He is a Ranger, and his name is Aragorn. He has been enmeshed in the affairs of Wizards for some time now, and if the rumblings I sense are a real danger, as I fear, I know that Aragorn must take special care not to fall prey to them.
'The last I heard, he was travelling through the Bree-land, beyond the mountains.'

Objective 15

  • Talk to Sterkist and convince him not to remain a sulking bear
  • Talk to Langhár

The time has come to bid farewell to your siblings before you journey out into the wider world.

Radagast says, "Find Aragorn and tell him that the dark power rises, greater even than the Wizards."
Radagast says, "He must be cautious, and not face it alone."
Sterkist: Sterkist growls at you in the language of bear-kind, but the words you speak are filled with affection. He bristles, and finally relents.
  • Listen to your brother's words
Sterkist says, "Ah, do not mind me, <name>. I am happy for you."
Sterkist says, "It will not be long before I convince Grimbeorn to allow me such a journey as well!"
Sterkist says, "Until then, farewell!"
Langhár: 'Did I not tell you your time would come soon, my <sibling>? Perhaps I am as much a Wizard as Radagast himself!'
Langhár laughs cheerily.
'No, that is not what I want. I want to explore the lands beyond our home, <name>, as you are about to do. I want to seek adventure! I will follow you sooner rather than late, <name>, I assure you!
'Until we meet again, <sibling>! Find this Ranger, deliver Radagast's message, and do not have your fill of adventure before Sterkist and I can join you!'
  • Listen to Langhár's words
Langhár says, "We will see you again, <name>!"

Objective 16

  • Talk to Radagast and Grimbeorn, fill the horse's saddlebags, and depart on your journey

You will need some supplies if you are to have success on your journey.

Complete the quest Preparations for Travel
Horse: You have prepared for the journey, and now it is time to leave the land of your home in search of the Ranger Aragorn.