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Horn is a Rohirric minstrel, first encountered outside the Mead Hall in Stangard. He is the second son of Reeve Ingbert of the Entwash Vale and was born in Eaworth.
Horn travels alongside the player through East and West Rohan before disappearing shortly before the siege of Helm's Deep with Nona. He can be encountered once again in the War-stead of the Eorlingas, preparing for the Battle of Pelennor Fields.


"Son of Reeve Ingbert, Horn is as gifted a poet as he is a warrior, having studied under the minstrel Gléowine while staying at Edoras. An ill-received poem about the king and his advisor, Gríma Wormtongue, has seen Horn exiled to the outpost of Stangard."

Horn (Great River)

Image of Horn
Gender Male
Race Race of Man
Region Great River
Settlement Stangard
Map Ref [26.2S, 63.9W]

Quest Involvement

Vol. III, Book 6

Vol. III, Book 7

Horn (East Rohan)

Quest Involvement

Vol. III, Book 8

Vol. III, Book 9

Horn (Wildermore)

Quest Involvement

Vol. III, Book 10

Horn (West Rohan)

Quest Involvement

Vol. III, Book 11

Vol. III, Book 12

Horn (Gondor)

Quest Involvement

Vol. IV, Book 5

Vol. IV, Book 6