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Region: Evendim
Dungeon(s): Glinghant
Landmark(s): Adannon
Settlement(s): Echad Garthadir
Men Erain
Lake Evendim
Southern Emyn Uial
Tyl Annûn
Levels: Mainly 38 - 40

Annúminas is an area within Evendim, in the southern part of the region.

Annúminas was the original capital of the Kingdom of Arnor in the north of Eriador, founded no earlier than Second Age 3320 by Elendil. Its location near the Brandywine River, in combination with the steep mountain ridges all around, made it a safe haven for the Númenóreans. On an island of its own, connected by the great bridge Ariant, lies Tyl Annûn from where the High Kings of Arnor ruled.

For long ages Annúminas has lied in ruins, its decay having begun already before Amlaith moved the capital to Fornost. However, recently the Enemy has charged an unusually powerful host to fine-comb the area for something that must be more valuable than the ancient relics of this place. The old capital is overrun by elite Angmarim who are fiercely fighting the Wardens of Annúminas for control of the city, supported by all sorts of foul breed of the Enemy.

The Wardens of Annúminas have set up an outpost in the south-western side of the city. It is easily reached from the western shores of Lake Evendim; or by the rougher ride past the Angmarim-occupied Eastern Gate of Annúminas. Despite its isolation, the outpost provides an array of services: a milestone, camp site fire, and stable-master, barterers for level 50 legendary armour, and also a healer, supplier, and provisioner. Quests are aimed at level 38 to 40, and here are also three World Instances.

Annúminas contains three control points, which the Free Peoples capture by defeating the named Angmarim who pertains to each location. It is retained by defeating the following waves of Angmarim. When all three control-points are won, the Control of Annúminas effect is activated.


Annúminas Terrain Map (high resolution)
Echad Garthadir



Control points:

World Instances


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Dúnadan - Warden of Annúminas


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Orchalwë sub-quests:




The following creatures are found within Annúminas and Tyl Annûn:


"Annúminas" is Sindarin and means "Tower of the West" according to "The Silmarillion" but many have also suggested "Sunset Tower" pointing to the vicinity of Lake Nenuial meaning "Lake of Twilight". (The Sindarin word "annûn" means both "sunset" and "west" and the word "minas" means "tower".)

Annúminas was founded by Elendil no earlier than Second Age 3320 and became the capital of the Northern Kingdom, Arnor. Quite soon after the first few High Kings the numbers of the Dúnedain begun to dwindle and also Annúminas begun to decay slowly. However, in Third Age 861, King Amlaith could not overcome brotherly conflicts and Arnor was divided in three dominions. Amlaith became the first king of Arthedain and removed the capital to Fornost and the decay was a fact. At the current era of Lotro Annúminas had been deserted for roughly two thousand years. (Amlaith's brothers are only known as the Kings of Cardolan and Rhudaur respectively.)
During its eclipse Annúminas was the home of one of the Palantíri of the Northern Kingdom. Here was also the famed Sceptre of Annúminas. While the seeing stone was lost when Arvedui drowned in the ices of Forochel, the sceptre came to be safely kept by Elrond in Rivendell (or not?).

"When Elendil of Westernesse came into Middle-earth after the destruction of Númenor, he settled at last in the northlands of Eriador and established the kingdom of Arnor. On the shores of Lake Evendim he built the great city of Annúminas, from which he ruled as High King over both the North and South kingdoms of Men: Arnor and Gondor.
Nine kings ruled Arnor after Elendil, though only eight dwelt in Annúminas. Isildur, Elendil's heir, never sat upon the throne, for he was slain in the Gladden Fields while returning from the wars with Sauron in the South. Valandil, Isildur's youngest son, took the throne following his father's death, and established a dynasty that lasted more than 800 years. After the death of King Eärendur, his heirs fell to fighting and the North-kingdom broke into three realms: Arthedain, Cardolan, and Rhudaur. Amlaith, the first king of Arthedain, removed his court to Fornost, leaving Annúminas to fall into decay. — lorebook


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