Barad Tironn

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Barad Tironn
Type: Prison
Region: Evendim
Area: Annúminas
Location: [Annúminas]

Barad Tironn is a quest instance found somewhere within Annúminas, in Evendim.

This ruined court and prison are currently inhabited by Angmarim. Adventurers first com here during the quest Instance: The Eye of Angmar, when they recover the palantír from Amarthiel while Laerdan is left behind. It is possible that Laerdan remained imprisoned there, and the adventurers later return to learn the truth during the quest Instance: Barad Tironn.






These mobs are encountered during Instance: Barad Tironn:

These mobs are encountered during Instance: The Eye of Angmar:


"Laerdan, succumbing to the whisperings of Mordrambor, foolishly seeks to confront Amarthiel at Barad Tironn, where she seeks to use the palantír to find Narchuil. The only hope for the Free Peoples is for the palantír to be recovered from her grasp...." — Instance text
"A clue found upon the body of one of the Angmarim reveals that the Elf Laerdan may still be held at Barad Tironn in Annúminas, where he was captured by Amarthiel's minions. It can only be hoped that he yet lives." — Instance text