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Level: 50+
Size: 12 or 24 person Raid
Cluster: Helegrod
Region: Misty Mountains
Area: Bruinen Source North
Location: [17.9S, 2.2W]

Helegrod is a raid instance in the Misty Mountains. [17.9S, 2.2W]

"Helegrod... Once a dwarf-hold in the Misty Mountains, until the coming of a great dragon. Though the dragon has long since perished, and the ice of many long winters has engulfed the ruins, rumours out of the North speak of a terrible shadow returning to the frozen halls..."

Helegrod is a raid instance intended for raid groups of 12 to 24 players from level 50 and up. The entrance is located at the top of the Bitter Stair, in the far northern reaches of the Misty Mountains. A Camp Site Fire with a Mustering Horn is found south-west of the stairs, at a camp where Sigrun provides raid quests. [19.1S, 2.9W]


See each instance individually for more quests as well as tips and hints.
The following instances may be set to any level above their minimum; lower level characters may be brought in by a valid Fellowship.





This instance is scalable; for stats, see each boss individually (and add missing data).

Name Difficulty Species Dread
Coldbear Arch-nemesis Bear 0
Adhargal Arch-nemesis Man 0
Breosal Arch-nemesis Man 0
Grisgart Arch-nemesis Man 0
Storvâgûn Arch-nemesis Giant-kind 7
Zaudru Arch-nemesis Spiders and Insects 6
Drugoth the Death-monger Arch-nemesis Ancient Evil 7
Thorog Arch-nemesis Dragon-kind 10



In the distant north of the linked valleys of the Misty Mountains lie the frozen halls of Helegrod. Once it was a great Dwarf-hold, home to treasures dug from mountain mines, secure against cold winds and rancorous Orcs, but its glittering riches and mountaintop fires caught the eye of a Dragon called Thorog. It descended on Helegrod and laid claim to the fortress until the coming of Durin V, who led a company of Dwarves against the beast.
Thorog perished, but his defeat cost the lives of many brave Dwarves, including Durin. The survivors, blood-stained and grieving, felt the shadow of Thorog was too great to ever forget. They emptied their treasuries and withdrew, abandoning Helegrod and the corpse of Thorog to the ice. After the flight of Durin’s Folk, Helegrod’s halls lay empty for countless long winters.
The path to Helegrod is a steep and snowy stretch marked by Dwarf-made columns and known now as the Bitter Stair. The main gate of Helegrod is a true testimony of dwarven craftmanship. Here, blazing Dwarf-torches warn of the scarred and evil-tinged halls abandoned beyond. All the great gates of Helegrod bear carvings of the dragon Thorog, who slew so many here and was slain himself too. — Hero's Guide


See individual instance pages for loot drops at 150. As of U21.1.1, while the Helegrod instances scale to level 120, the loot drops do not. Lower level loot items, including armour sets for each class, are available from the Skirmish Classic NPC at any skirmish camp. These days the armours are wanted mainly for cosmetic purposes, but back in the early days they were wanted for their stats. Example images:

File:Shadow-stalker Armour-front (Item Level 50).jpg
Captain Lore-master Champion (Level 65) Warden (Level 65) Burglar Hunter (Level 65)

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