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Region: Dunland
Area: Carreglyn
Location: [84.7S, 16.3W]

Barnavon is a settlement of the Uch-lûth (Ox-clan) who share occupancy with the Turch-lûth (Boar-clan) in Carreglyn in Dunland. [84.7S, 16.3W]

The Turch-lûth occupies Lower Barnavon while the Uch-lûth, in the thrall of Saruman, occupies Upper Barnavon. The occupants of Upper Barnavon are actively engaged in the suppression and enslavement of the Boar-clan.


The Turch-lûth, the People of the Boar (Boar-clan) were a clan of the Algraig in the land to the north you call Enedwaith. When the Turch-lûth refused to bow to Saruman, the Draig-lûth (Dragon-clan) destroyed them almost utterly.

The people in the lower village are all that remain of the true Turch-lûth. Madin Brenin's grandfather gave them refuge out of kindness, but Madin himself has placed them under thralldom. They are now little more than slaves of the White Hand.

The resistance to Saruman in Dunland has taken the guise and mantle of the Boar-Clan, the Turch-lûth, as a symbol of their defiance.




Access the upper district is through the lower district.


All services are found in Lower Barnavon.

For travel, the stablemaster is recorded as being at Barnavon, but is located outside the gate the Lower part of the town.