Lheu Brenin

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Lheu Brenin
Image of Lheu Brenin
Title Falcon Clan
Gender Male
Race Man
Level 95
Morale 72,563
Power 3,240
Region Dunland
Area Tâl Methedras
Settlement Tûr Morva
Map Ref [75.0S, 8.0W]


Lheu Brenin is found at Tûr Morva in Dunland. He is the Brenin of the Hebog-lûth (Falcon Clan) in Tâl Methedras. At the beginnings of Volume III. Book 4, he appears a friendly figure that offers aid to the Rangers of the Grey Company by giving them supplies, and formally forging an alliance with them. After the player completes the various War-Preparations in Tûr Morva, they are dispatched by the Brenin throughout Dunland, whereafter the player finds that during their absence the Brenin and his folk have been swayed into Saruman's influence and have outright betrayed the Rangers.

Quest Involvement