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Region: The Great River
Area: Eorlsmead
Location: [25.7S, 62.9W]


Stangard is a settlement located within the area of Eorlsmead in the Great River. [25.7S, 62.9W]

Locations in Stangard



The following services can be found within the settlement of Stangard:



Function Coords
Expert Weaponcrafter [26.4S, 63.6W]
Expert Metalsmith [26.4S, 63.6W]
Expert Woodworker [26.4S, 63.5W]
Expert Jeweller [26.5S, 63.5W]
Expert Tailor [26.5S, 63.5W]
Expert Cook [26.5S, 63.5W]
Expert Scholar [26.5S, 63.6W]


Also see: Category:Stangard NPCs


NPC Function Coords
Provisioner  [26.0S, 63.2W]
Supplier  [26.4S, 63.5W]
Healer  [25.9S, 62.9W]
Arcil Limlight Gorge Rewards Vendor [25.5S, 63.3W]
Ordlaf Stangard Rewards Vendor [25.5S, 63.3W]
Manwine Limlight Gorge Instance Upgrades [25.5S, 63.4W]
Colbrand (Great River) Crafting Recipes Vendor [25.5S, 63.4W]
Alred Legendary Item Vendor [26.5S, 63.5W]





Note: Stangard quests appear in your Quest Log under Eorlsmead and Wailing Hills.
  1. [75] Hospitality in a Strange Land - Sabert
  2. [75] The Troubles of Stangard - Stanric
  3. [75] A Logical Appeal - Gadda
  4. [75] Whispered Permission - Gadda
  5. [75] Continuing Good Deeds for Stangard - Gadda
  6. [71] Stanric's Stand - Gadda
    Wailing Hills
  7. [75] The Stone of Friendship
    After completing various quests in the Wailing Hills, the quest:
  8. [75] A Message From Stangard - Landroval
    will return you to Stangard.
  9. [75] Change for the Worst - Sabert
  10. [75] The Man on the Inside - Gadda
  11. [75] Proof of Treason - Swithulf
  12. [75] Evidence of Foulplay - Swithulf
  13. [75] The Story Behind the Death - Gadda
  14. [75] An Investigation - Sabert
  15. [75] A Daring Escape - Stanric
  16. [75] A Troubling Delay -- Stanric


Epic Quests:

  1. [75] Vol. III, Book 6: Chapter 7: Enemies of Old
  2. [75] Vol. III, Book 6: Chapter 8: Stone of Friendship

Episodic Quests:

Civic Structures and Facilities

Notice: The different locations within this section, "civic structures and facilities," individually list quests, NPCs of different types, and more, which pertain to each of them.

Each of the buildings (including watch towers) in Stangard can be entered. Entrance to all of them is required for the Stangard Explorer Deed. Some are also quest targets.

Lockhouse (Stangard Jail)

Mead Hall

Skirmish Camp

Located at Skirmish Hall [26.4S, 63.2W]

Light Armoursmith Second floor of Skirmish Hall
Medium Armoursmith Second floor of Skirmish Hall
Heavy Armoursmith Second floor of Skirmish Hall
Legendary Items Second floor of Skirmish Hall
 Crafting Second floor of Skirmish Hall
Classic Second floor of Skirmish Hall
Curiosities Second floor of Skirmish Hall
Currency Exchange
Jewellery and Cloaks
Skirmish Captain
Skirmish Trainer

Stangard Auction House

Stangard Tavern

Legendary Item Store


Though many men who serve at Stangard have been sent there as punishment for recent, petty crimes, the village remains fiercely loyal to Rohan and Théoden, their king. The village has fallen on hard times and hope is in short supply.


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