Quest:Book 6, Chapter 8: On a Field of Red

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Book 6, Chapter 8: On a Field of Red
Level 105
Type Solo
Starts with Corunir
Starts at Ruin of Pel Dúven
Start Region Ruin of Pel Dúven
Map Ref [18.8N, 18.2W]
Ends with Aragorn
Ends at Threshold of the City
End Region Threshold of the City
Map Ref [22.4N, 16.1W]
Quest Chain Vol. IV. Book 6
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'What does it mean to fight, <name>? I will fight to honour the sacrifice of those who no longer can, to honour that for which they fought. I will take the field with you, and I will make the Enemy remember my fallen friends. Tell me when you are ready, and we will make them fear us!'


Corunir fears that the men of Gondor may have worked some tragic mischief upon Golodir.

Objective 1

Corunir is in the Ruin of Pel Dúven, waiting to take the field with you in memory of Golodir.

Corunir: 'Let us take the field, <name>. For Golodir.'
This is a Solo quest and cannot be completed with a Fellowship.

Objective 2

Aragorn is at the Threshold of the City.

Aragorn: 'The battle is over, save for a few pockets of fighting on the outskirts of the Pelennor. Even those will soon be done.
'We have achieved victory this day, but it has cost us so much.'