Minas Agor

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Minas Agor
Type: Ruins
Region: Trollshaws
Area: South Trollshaws
Location: [36.8S, 19.2W]

Minas Agor is a landmark within South Trollshaws, in the Trollshaws. [36.8S, 19.2W]

Though Minas Agor borders both the Angle of Mitheithel to the south and Tâl Bruinen to the east, the only access into the valley is from the South Trollshaws road on the north side of Minas Agor.

Tucked into a hidden valley in the mountains, the ruins of Minas Agor are now home to trolls as well as a group of hill-men. Small dangerous gorges lead south from the Great East Road to this location, guarded by wolves and trolls. Minas Agor itself comprises not only the ruins but quite a large area of rocks, forest, and narrow paths.

Beware though! Among trolls and hill-men a handful of Cargûl are searching the ruins, and pose a much greater threat than the aforementioned.





These creatures are encountered within this location: