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This page is about the playable race. For non-player Dwarves, see Seven Houses of the Dwarves

Dwellers of stone and miners of metal, the Dwarves are a doughty folk, resistant to the corruption of the Enemy -- but not to greed.

Dwarves can be excellent warriors, displaying unique toughness in battle and ability to craft great things.

The stout Dwarves of Middle-earth are known for their steadfast determination, hearty strength, and commitment to all things found in the world’s deep places. Living a secretive life in their homes beneath the great mountains, Dwarves are expert miners and workers of stone and metal. They stand on average four-and-a-half to five feet high, and live long lives, occasionally reaching an age of 250 years.

Playable Classes: Brawler, Captain, Champion, Guardian, Hunter, Minstrel, Rune-keeper, Warden

Starting Area: Silver Deep / Ered Luin

Dwarf Names

Dwarves tend towards short, simple Norse-styled names.

  • Common endings are -ori, -óin, -íli, -alin, -orin, -osi, -imli, and ormur

These are coupled with

  • beginnings using consonants like D-, F-, G-, H-, K-, L-, M-, N-, R-, T-, Th-, and W-, or paired consonants like Dr-, Dw-, Fl-, Gl-, or Thr-

Examples are Dori, Glóin, Kili, Balin, Thorin, Flosi, Gimli, and Gormur

A few dwarves have more complex names, combining whole words with specific endings or other whole words. (Examples: Skorgrím, Einskaldir.)

Dwarf Origins

  • of the White Mountains - You are from the southwestern halls of Ered Nimrais, the White Mountains in the south bordering the lands of Andrast. Though your kingdom lies far from the central mountains where Men once dwelt, the rumour of the Oathbreakers has given your realm an ill name.

Passive Skills

 Lost Dwarf-kingdoms:
[-400 at Level 150] Fate.
[+477 at Level 150] Agility.
[+1,200 at Level 150] Might,
[+1,530 at Level 150] Vitality,
+1% Common Mitigation.
 Unwearying in Battle:
[+61.2 at Level 150] In-Combat Morale Regeneration,
[+30 at Level 150] In-Combat Power Regeneration,
[-408 at Level 150] Non-Combat Morale Regeneration,
[-160 at Level 150] Non-Combat Power Regeneration.
 One-handed Axes:
Allows the use of one-handed axes, regardless of class. Axes have a small chance of reducing the target's armor.

Dwarf Traits and Deeds

For details see Dwarf Traits

Trait Description Level Deed
Head-butt Grants the skill Head-butt 13 Enmity of the Dourhands (50)
Guile and Might Bonus +5% damage to red and yellow Fellowship Manoeuvre skills 19 Enmity of the Dourhands II (100)
Dwarf Axe-damage Bonus +5% 1H/2H Axe damage 25 Enmity of the Dourhands III (150)
Fateful Dwarf [+1,000 at Level 150] Fate 13 Enmity of the Goblins (50)
Return to Thorin's Gate Grants the skill Return to Thorin's Gate 29 Enmity of the Goblins II (150)
Endurance of Stone Grants the skill Endurance of Stone 35 Enmity of the Goblins III (250)
Dwarf-endurance Grants the skill Dwarf-endurance 30 Enmity of the Trolls (100)
Shield Brawler [+7560 at Level 150] Block Rating 35 Enmity of the Trolls II (150)
Virtuous Dwarf +1 Fidelity, Honesty, Loyalty 35 Friend of Thorin's Hall

These are obtained via completion of Dwarf Racial Deeds.

Dwarves of Lore