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This page is about Isildur. For his shade after death, see Shade of Isildur


High-King Isildur was born in Second Age 3209 in Númenor as the first son of Elendil; his younger brother was Anárion. Isildur succeeded Elendil at the throne and became the second High King of the Two Kingdoms of Arnor and Gondor, though destiny ended his life two years later just after the Battle of the Gladden Fields. Narsil was saved, but the Ring was lost for centuries to come. In due time, Isildur fathered four sons: Elendur, Aratan, Ciryon, and Valandil. Isildur also took Tárandil, the son of a childhood friend, to foster after the Downfall of Númenor.

Isildur (Dagorlad)

Image of Isildur
Gender Male
Race Man
Level 110
Morale 480,000
Power 8,952
Region The Wastes
Area Morannon (War of the Last Alliance)
Map Ref [62.6N, 4.2W]

Isildur is first met by High Elf characters during the battle at Dagorlad at the end of the Second Age.

Quest Involvement

Isildur (Gondor)

Image of Isildur
Title Founder of Gondor
Gender Male
Race Man
Level 65
Morale 12,540
Power 2,351
Region Western Gondor
Area Morthond
Map Ref [99.7S, 86.6W]

Isildur is met by all characters at Morthond during a flashback episode, depicting events that took place in Gondor during the Second Age, many thousand years before today's era in Lotro.

Quest Involvement

Isildur (Mordor Besieged)

Image of Isildur
Gender Male
Race Man
Region Mordor Besieged
Area Parth Daenath
Settlement Adambel
Map Ref [99.3S, 126.6W]

Isildur is again met in at Adambel in Mordor Besieged when his shade recounts his story of the siege. [99.3S, 126.6W]

Quest Involvement


Biography: Isildur
Birth - Death Second Age 3441 - Third Age 2
Race: Man
Gender: Male
Parent(s): Elendil
Spouse: Valardis*
Child(ren): Elendur, Tárandil* (foster son), Aratan, Ciryon, Valandil
Aragorn II
Info: Younger brother: Anárion
The two founded Gondor but gave sovereignty to Elendil, their father
* Lotro-only characters

In Númenor, before the Downfall, it was Isildur who rescued a fruit of Nimloth, the White Tree of the Eldar, and so save it from destruction after hearing rumor that Ar-Pharazôn, the king, intended to burn it. Though Isildur was successful, he was gravely injured in his escape from the king's court.

In II 3319 all of Elendil's family managed to escape Númenor in several ships, but in a great storm the ships were separated and Isildur and Anárion landed in Gondor, while Elendil landed to the west and soon founded the Kingdom of Arnor.

While Isildur settled in Minas Ithil, his younger brother Anárion settled in Minas Anor. The two jointly founded and ruled the Kingdom of Gondor out of Osgiliath, though later Elendil became the official High King over both realms. Anárion had one son, Meneldil.

In II 3429 Sauron overtook Minas Ithil but Isildur managed to escape with his family to Annúminas, where his father dwelt. Isildur marched on with the great host in the Last Alliance of Elves and Men and they managed to overtake Barad-dûr after a seven year siege, during which his brother was slain. In the final battle (II 3441) Elendil was slain and Narsil broke. It was at that crucial moment that Isildur took the hilt and cut off the One Ring from Sauron's hand.

However, in hindsight Isildur made an unwise decision and kept the Ring, against the advice of both Elrond and Círdan, Gil-galad's first lieutenant, to destroy it.

After these events Isildur returned to Gondor and rebuilt much that was broken. He set Meneldil, Anárion's son, to govern the land. After having buried his father at Amon Anwar he departed for the long journey home together with his adult sons and many strong guards. However, he wanted to pass by Imladris (Rivendell) to bring with him his wife and youngest son. Sadly, they were ambushed by ten times as many orcs and badly defeated in what is known as the Battle of the Gladden Fields.

Realizing the grievous outcome Isildur sent Ohtar and his companion to at all costs bring Narsil to safety. It is until today stored in Rivendell.

Isildur soon heeded the advice of Elendur, his son, and put on the Ring:

"Isildur turned west, and drawing up the Ring that hung in a wallet from a fine chain about his neck, he set it upon his finger with a cry of pain, and was never seen again by any eye upon Middle-earth." — Unfinished Tales, by Tolkien

Almost all of his host was slain. Isildur escaped almost unnoticed, but the Orcs followed his trail. Eventually he swam over river Anduin but the Ring fouled him and slipped off his finger to the depths below, he became visible and was shot by orcs, and he fell into the water and was never found, though the isle of Tol Send blooms with simbelmynë, flowers that often cover the graves of kings.

So it happened that Isildur, Elendur, Tárandil, Aratan, and Ciryon all died in Third Age 2; and Isildur ruled as High King of Arnor and of Gondor for only two years. Now only Valandil, Isildur's youngest son, remained to rule as High King of Arnor, while Meneldil became High King of Gondor.

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