Brown Lands

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Brown Lands
Region: The Great River
Landmark(s): Helstor
[28.9S, 50.5W]

[33.2S, 51.9W]
Desolation of the Gardens
[32.8S, 47.9W]
The Stone-hole
[32.0S, 47.8W]

Settlement(s): Etheburg
[31.3S, 52.1W]
Levels: Mainly 75+
Resource tier: Westfold - T7

The Brown Lands is an area within the Great River region in Rohan.

Ravaged thousands of years ago during a terrible war, the Brown Lands are nearly inhospitable and are filled with withered scrub and stones as far as the eye can see.


The following settlements are found within this area:


These landmarks are located within the Brown Lands:


Warning! Some players have experienced a block in completion of "A Black Wind from the East," the parent quest "Trouble Enough," as well as all other quests following in this quest line if the player visits the Brigand Cave of Helstor and kills Hafoc. A quest starter item called a Turncoat's Note will be found on Hafoc when looted. If you turn in the note to Ceola before completing "Trouble Enough" (including "A Black Wind from the East") Dagbert will be found as a traitor and he will disappear from the camp. If this occurs you will not be able to complete "A Black Wind from the East" as well as the parent quest "Trouble Enough," nor will you be able to complete that specific quest line.

  • After being exposed as a traitor in Sellswords and Turncoats, Dagbert will disappear from Etheburg (having fled capture).
  • Alternate versions of his quests will be offered by Céola.
  • Players will encounter him again, however - as the Captain of the First Ward in the Khundolar camp of Lashkarg, during the instance A Sunset Storm.

  1. [75] The Khundolar - Aculf - vector from the Brown Lands



The following creatures are found within this area:


Map of the Great River Topographic map of the Great River


It is believed that the Brown Lands were devastated by the power of Sauron himself nearly 3,000 years ago during the War of the Last Alliance.
Before that, many beautiful gardens were tended by the Entwives here though little evidence of them now remains.