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Region: Bree-land
Area: Buckland
Location: [32.6S, 62.4W]

Crickhollow is a settlement within Buckland, in Bree-land. [32.6S, 62.4W]

The small village of Crickhollow is most famous for one of its dwellings, the house that was bought for Frodo Baggins as an excuse for him to leave Bag End and the Shire to begin his secret quest. That house lies to the north-east near the High Hay.

However, Crickhollow is a settlement in itself, at the centre of Buckland. Visitors will find armour and weapons vendors, though a supplier and provisioner are found at Buckland's Craft-faire, south of Brandy Hall.



Frodo's Dwelling
NPC Function Coords
Lara Boffin Light Armour Trader [32.6S, 62.4W]
Malvo Goldworthy Medium Armour Trader [32.6S, 62.4W]
Dora Brandybuck Bowyer [32.5S, 62.3W]
Dono Boffin One-handed Weapon Trader [32.5S, 62.4W]
Rorimac Bolger Two-handed Weapon Trader [32.5S, 62.5W]
Berilac Boffin Quest [32.3S, 61.9W]
Camellia Boffin Quest [32.6S, 61.7W]
Fredegar Bolger Quest [32.3S, 61.9W]




Founded no earlier than III 2340, the year of the first settlement in Buckland.
Meaning: Crick- was obscure even to the hobbits but could possibly mean hilly (and the area around Crickhollow is indeed hilly), -hollow indicates a small depression.

"In Buckland, not far to the north of Brandy Hall in the hills rising away from the path of the Brandywine, travellers will come upon Crickhollow, an often-visited retreat for those Hobbits who wish to spend a few days away from their daily routine, or simply rest and eat more peacefully than they are used to resting and eating at home. Those who live near Crickhollow are pleasant enough folk, though generally they like to be left alone to their peace and quiet.
"Many of the old-timers in the area tell stories of travellers who have ventured beyond the High Hay and into the Old Forest beyond, many of whom never returned to tell the conclusion of their tales. In these days of the growing darkness in the north, many indeed have been the strangers who have ridden into the region to ask questions, though none can, or will, say what specifically these dark figures pursue.
"Crickhollow plays a significant role early in the journey of Frodo Baggins and his companions in The Lord of the Rings. It is here that Frodo buys his house after leaving Bag End, not with the intention to stay in Crickhollow, but with the goal of diverting would-be pursuers from his trail. Adventurers familiar with the tale will no doubt want to seek out Frodo's home, though the locals may tell the travellers that, although the home of Mr. Baggins is filled with his many possessions, he has not been seen in these parts since the day he first arrived. Most doubt he has closed himself in his new residence and believe he has gone off on some personal quest, perhaps to locate his old uncle Bilbo who disappeared so many years ago." — lorebook


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