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The Stout-axes were once a part of one of the Seven Houses of the Dwarves, known as Drása's Folk. Brought to ruin by their desire for the Ring granted to them by Sauron, Drása's Folk doomed their descendants to an era of thralldom in the Black Land.

Stout-axes were added with the Minas Morgul expansion.

Playable Classes: Brawler, Burglar, Captain, Champion, Guardian, Hunter, Mariner, Minstrel, Rune-keeper, Warden

Starting Area: Barad-dûr / Ered Luin

Stout-axe Names

Stout-axe Dwarves have short, simple names in forms resembling old Baltic.

  • Common endings are -a, -ad, -ag, -al, -as, -at, -ang, -el, -i, -ig, -ik, -ir, -o, -ok, -ot, -un, -ur, -ut, -uz. Examples include Khálik, Akád, Ilgo, Váruz, Kósi, Gúdag, Ságrok, Dávir, Ugél. Some also take Norse names like Longbeard Dwarves or old Slavonic like the Zhélruka.

Stout-axe Origins

  • of Mordor - You are a Stout-axe, a Dwarf of the Khirvísa clan, in thrall to the Dark Lord of Mordor. Stripped of your history, your clan name, and even your own language, the Stout-axes have become a lost people, with each generation growing stronger and grimmer than the last as ceaseless labour and suffering reshapes them. As Mordor grows in might, the Enemy has put the Stout-axes to ever more dangerous work in the furnaces of Udûn and beneath Barad-dûr itself, heedless of how many lives are spent as he musters his armies for War.

Passive Skills

 Unyielding Will:
[+1,200 at Level 150] Will,
+1% Common Mitigation
 Wrought by the Black Land:
+1% Shadow Mitigation,
+1% Disease Resistance,
[+1,200 at Level 150] Might,
[+1,200 at Level 150] Agility
 Shadow of the Eye: [-612 at Level 150] Vitality
 Doom of Drása's Folk: [-400 at Level 150] Fate
 One-handed Axes:
Allows the use of one-handed axes, regardless of class. Axes have a small chance of reducing the target's armor.

Stout-axe Traits and Deeds

For details see Stout-axe Traits and Stout-axe Racial Deeds

Trait Description Level Deed
Unwritten Destiny [+1,530 at Level 150] Vitality 13 None; Auto-bestowed
Fortitude of the Stout-axes Grants skill Fortitude of the Stout-axes 19 None; Auto-bestowed
Flame-tempered +1% Fire Mitigation 29 None; Auto-bestowed
Needful Ingenuity +5% Craft Experience Modifier 29 Enmity of the Cultists (100)
Nimble-handed +5% 1H/2H Axe Damage, +1% Dagger Damage 35 Enmity of the Cultists II (200)
Return to Thorin's Hall Grants skill Travel to Thorin's Hall 35 Enmity of the Cultists III (300)
Heart of Fire +3% Fire-type Damage 35 Enmity of the Orcs (50)
Stout-shield (Trait) Grants skill Stout-shield 38 Enmity of the Orcs II (150)
Virtuous Stout-axe Grants +1 Wit, Determination, and Fortitude 40 Guest of Thorin's Hall

Stout-axes of Lore