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This page is about Isengard and its environs BEFORE the Battle of the Hornburg. For Isengard AFTER the Battle of the Hornburg, see Isengard (disambiguation)
Region: Nan Curunír
Interior(s): Isengard Depths
Landmark(s): Blackmarch Fort
Fang-rider's Warren
The Pillar of the White Hand
Quickbeam's Grove
Tower of Orthanc
Settlement(s): Isengard
The valley of Nan Curunír, with the fortress of Isengard and the Tower of Orthanc


Known as "Angrenost" to the Elves, and "Isengard" in the language of the Rohirrim, this is an impenetrable fortress ringed by rock.

Built by Elendil and his sons to guard their western border at the Gap of Rohan, Isengard was maintained by the Men of Gondor until its control was ceded to Saruman in T.A. 2759.

There are several versions of Isengard, accessible under different conditions. Landscape access to the machinery and out-buildings within the walls of Isengard is granted by The Hidden Way and leads to a number of repeatable quests inside. The Isengard Depths and Ring of Isengard are accessible during Vol III, Book 4 of the Epic. Flooded Isengard, following the battle at Helm's Deep, is accessible from West Rohan landscape.

There are many ways to travel to Isengard at different points in time. For more detail, see Isengard Way-points.

Landscape (Nan Curunír)

During The Hidden Way, Quickbeam pulls open a grate at [80.5S, 0.4W], allowing free access to the Ring of Isengard. The main entrance at the Gates of Isengard is guarded by two fearsome trolls. Dagoras can be found just inside the Ring. [79.8S, 1.0W]

This version of the Ring of Isengard is roughly divided into three wards- north, east, and west, each overseen by their own ward-masters to ensure they keep to Saruman's schedules. The eastern ward faces the doors to the Tower of Orthanc and is also where Dagoras and the pipe out to the valley can be found. The northern ward is home to many forge-works and strange arcane devices. The western ward contains a deep pit filled with massive wheels and metal scaffolding along with a series of pipes that jump you between small wooden platforms all through the pit. Trying to jump between these platforms is not advisable. An entry pipe can be found at [79.2S, 3.4W]

Quest Involvement



The following creatures are found within this area:

For others, see Category:Nan Curunír Creatures

Isengard Depths & Ring of Isengard

Various quests take place in the extensive workshops beneath Isengard, referred to as the Isengard Depths, and the machineworks outside, in the Ring of Isengard. This piece of Isengard is only accessible to players between chapter 18 and chapter 26 of Vol. III, Chapter 4 or players on Bron's daily quest.

The Dunlending, Bron, [80.1S, 16.8W] is located in Galtrev and will offer you this quest beginning at level 70:


More than two centuries before the War of the Ring, the Wizard Saruman came to Steward Beren in Minas Tirith, and proposed that he should be granted Isengard as a dwelling-place. Seeing advantage in having such a powerful ally guarding the Gap of Rohan, Beren agreed, and granted Saruman the Key of Orthanc in 2759 of the Third Age.

From that time on, the valley where Isengard stood became known as Nan Curunír, which literally translates as the 'valley of Saruman'. Curunír was the Elvish equivalent of Saruman's name, but when rendered into the Common Speech, Nan Curunír is known simply as 'the Wizard's Vale.'

The valley of Nan Curunír is nestled in the southern feet of the Misty Mountains by the Gap of Rohan. It is here that Saruman plots his war against Rohan and treachery against the White Council, desiring the One Ring himself.


  • Built in S.A. 3320 or shortly thereafter
  • Held by the Dunlendings from T.A. 2710 to T.A. 2759
  • Held by Saruman from T.A. 2759 to T.A. 3019
  • Outer facilities destroyed by the Ents on 3 March T.A. 3019. The tower itself, known as Orthanc, withstood the assault, the Ents unable to break its impregnable walls, and Saruman was trapped within as the Ents laid siege.


Nan Curunír

The valley of Nan Curunír
Nan Curunír T7 Artifacts


The Ring of Isengard
Isengard T7 Artifacts

Isengard Depths

Isengard Depths

Isengard (after)

Isengard after the Battle of the Hornburg