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Image of Issuriel
Gender Female
Race Elf
Region Lothlórien
Area Cerin Amroth
Map Ref [11.9S, 67.9W]


Issuriel can be found at Cerin Amroth. She is first present on Cerin Amroth, but later becomes a member of the Hidden Guard.

Unlike her fellow Elves, Issuriel has never been on the Battlefield and instead seeks wisdom and knowledge from older Ages. She accompanies the Hidden Guard on their Errand to Mirkwood, and while in the Scuttledells is poisoned along with Mazog by the Saewathel spiders. If the player chooses to give her the medicine that they brewed with the help of Barvessain, she will refuse and instead order them to give it to Mazog, an action which incites rage from Achardor. Just as Issuriel appears to be beyond aid, Bróin miraculously finds another Sereglos Flower and brews another antidote to cure Issuriel. Issuriel is then taken back to Lothlórien to recover, where she sends the player to the Twenty-First Hall to offer Bróin her thanks.

Quest Involvement


Issuriel may be questioned during the Plans of the Golden Host instance:

Tell me about yourself.
"I am a stranger to war and battle, friend, and I am proud to say so. To learn the secrets of our shared past, and the knowledge that comes from wisdom, is my aim, not the doing of great deeds. I hope to bring the perspective of history and my knowledge of lore to bear as part of the Hidden Guard. For prowess in combat we will need to rely on Achardor or Sigileth."
What can you tell me about Mirkwood?
"Raddir has chosen a route through the forest that should bring us to Dol Guldur in secret, but there will still be dangers upon the way. Evils live still in Dol Guldur, it is said, and a great cloud spreads out from those grim reaches. We will have secrecy on our side, but we must not be lulled into complacency. The way will still be fraught with perils, not least from Mazog himself."
What can we expect from Mazog?
"Mazog remains a dangerous foe, even in captivity. We will meet the dwarves escorting Mazog once we make the crossing of Anduin; they will not let down their guard, and neither should we. I am certain Mazog will try to escape, or worse, at some point on the journey.
"I wonder if that is our real peril, or if it will be keeping Achardor from slaying him once it happens?"

More questions may be asked when the Hidden Guard is trying to decide which way is the safest:

How are you feeling?
'"'I feel very tired. No, not physically tired. My heart feels heavy, and I miss Raddir."
You wish to enter the Scuttledells?
"Do not say I wish it, for that is not the case! No, say instead that I recognize the necessity of the dangerous road. The Scuttledells are perilous, true, but no more perilous than being caught out in the open by the forces of the Enemy. The covered way remains hidden, and so should we."

A final chance to ask her questions opens before her epilogue:

How are you feeling?
"I am feeling much more like myself now, thanks to your actions and those of Bróin. But this victory is bittersweet, for not all the friends that set out for the fortress of the Nazgûl returned from that place. That grief is not easily forgotten."
We will not forget the fallen.
"No, we will not. But it does not make our losses any easier to bear."


Bróin appears to be somewhat smitten with Issuriel following his heroic deeds at Ost Galadh, or at least, appreciative of her thanks. This is somewhat similar to Gimli's reverence of Galadriel.