The Great Delving

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The Great Delving
Region: Moria
Dungeon(s): The Cooling Chamber
The Ghost-forge
The Library of Steel
The Mithril-slaves
The Morroval-outcasts
The Spider-nest
The Training Hall
The Battle of the Deep-way
Landmark(s): The Chamber of Deep Thought
The Chamber of Knowledge
The Chamber of Wisdom
The Deep Way
The Dwarf-lords' Gate
The Lonely Span
The Palace of Náin
The Stone Council
The Vault of Durin
Settlement(s): The Dolven-view
Durin's Threshold
Durin's Way
The Silvertine Lodes
The Walls of Moria
The Water-works
Levels: Mainly 51
Resource tier: Supreme


The Great Delving is the first area within Moria when entering from the west.

The Great Delving connects to the Walls of Moria in Eregion through the Hollin Gate on the west side, Durin's Way on the north side, Zelem-melek on the east side, and the Silvertine Lodes on the south side.

The Great Delving also connects to the Water-works through Deep Way found in the Vault of Durin after completion of Chapter 5: Drums in the Deep.


The first region of Moria to be rediscovered by travelers from the west—the region bounding on the fabled and newly reopened Hollin Gate —is both an entryway and a crossroads. Known, in whole, as the Great Delving, this quarter of Khazad-dûm links mines to palaces, academies to foundries, and the cavernous underground of Moria to all the realms of Eriador in the west. It is here that the saga of Khazad-dûm’s restoration and rescue truly begins.
Much of the Great Delving is an unexpected juxtaposition of Dwarf-cut masterworks and raw, unshaped stone. In some corners of the region, the remains of great works are crumbling back into the earth.
Though most often regarded as a single, wide territory, the Great Delving encompasses three distinct areas. At its western end sits Durin's Threshold, an entryway, reception hall, and hostel for travelers from Eregion and beyond. At its eastern end stand the plazas and bridges of the Dolven-view, a wide and chasmic connector dominated by grand gateways of breathtaking craftsmanship. The ground in between consists of a finely wrought thoroughfare, called Lamâb-dûm by the Orcs of Moria, and a network of loose caverns and tunnels, all of which connect Durin's Threshold with the Dolven-view.
All these places, once meant to welcome and unify the folk of Middle-earth, are contested ground now, caught between the Dwarves’ revealing lights and the Enemy’s dark grip. [1]


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A view to the east from Dolven-view
A view on Gazatmur which was considered as the central plaza of The Great Delving. On the upper right stands the Dolven-view
A cavern in the Great Delving
Looking northward from the Dolven-view


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Named Creatures Flake Collectors List

Each of these creatures is the rare, signature, tougher, named version and all have a high change to drop a rare flakes used in crafting.


There are also step by step directions for travelling between Durin's Threshhold and the Dolven-View.

The Great Delving

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