Hrímil Frost-heart

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This page is about Hrímil as a non-combat NPC. For Hrímil as a Raid boss in the Anvil of Winterstith, see Hrímil Frost-heart (Anvil). For Hrímil as a Raid boss in the Hiddenhoard of Abnankâra, see Hrímil Frost-heart (Hiddenhoard)


Hrímil Frost-heart
Image of Hrímil Frost-heart
Gender Female
Race Dragon
Region Clovengap
Area Clovengap
Map Ref [34.2S, 124.9W]

Hrímil Frost-heart, also known as Hrímil of the Heights and the Herald of Winter, was a great Dragon of the First Age who made herself quite a reputation as a bitter foe of the Dwarves up until the final days of the Third Age. She was an escaped lackey of Morgoth who later established herself as a petty tyrant in The Anvil of Winterstith in the Grey Mountains, plotting to claim the stronghold of Gundabad for herself.

In the Elder Days, Hrímil had been counted among the thralls of Morgoth and had served him willingly. Long after the defeat of her Master in the War of Wrath, his Lieutenant Sauron attempted to win over her allegiance. But the Herald of Winter would not submit to the Dark Lord, having remained faithful to his primeval predecessor. After the death of her brother Thorog, in Helegrod at the hands of Durin V, Hrímil was once again approached by Karazgar, an emissary of Sauron, to join with them. Failing yet again to sway her, the incensed Dark Lord bade his harbinger imprison the defiant Dragon and the Ring she swallowed. This Karazgar did, as described in the  Lost Lore: Abyss of Mordath. With the Fall of Sauron and Barad-dûr, the Abyss of Mordath was opened allowing Hrímil to fly back to the Ered Mithrin.
There the Drakes of the Frost-horde - long in wait for her return - carry out her will, as do the Frost-bound Hobgoblins. Perhaps most feared of her offspring is Vethúg Wintermind, who drove the Longbeards out of their keeps in the Ered Mithrin; Grimdóth the Bitter and Fólnith the Pale are also numbered among Hrímil Frost-heart's spawn. With the ousting of the Dark Lord, the Herald of Winter now seeks to take advantage of the ensuing chaos among his disparate minions and establish a foothold in the North through her own rising faction. Vying for Gundabad, Hrímil eventually concedes to an uneasy alliance with Gorgar son of Bolg, using him as an unwitting puppet to contend with Durin. Shárnakh, a Hobgoblin warlord who has usurped a part of Goblin-town, is also one of her agents.
Hrímil possesses Dragon-speech, a powerful charm that can fall upon any who hear her voice (such as Gorgar), strengthened by the lingering power of the Ring Tínya.
Hrímil Frost-heart makes her first appearance in a vision granted in the Lay of Rust and Rime. She is next encountered in person at the Anvil of Winterstith, where she remains sealed until appearing at the Gates of Gundabad and naming herself its true Lord. She commands both her own forces and (effectively) those of Gorgar as she tries to wrestle mastery over the Mountain-home, and ultimately retreats to make her final stand in the Hiddenhoard of Abnankâra in the Clovengap.
 Dragon Voice inflicted on the Frost-bound at Uzdarulzahar.

Hrím is Old Norse for rime, which is commonly associated with Hrímil.

Quest Involvement

The Legacy of Durin and the Trials of the Dwarves: