Eryn Singor

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Eryn Singor
Type: Woods
Region: Trollshaws
Area: Tâl Bruinen
Location: [35.4S, 16.6W]

Eryn Singor is a forest within Tâl Bruinen, in the Trollshaws. [35.4S, 16.6W]

This damp and foggy glade is located in northwestern Tâl Bruinen, where wood-trolls and bog-lurkers stalk about the shallow water awaiting their next unlucky victim.

West-most of Eryn Singor lies the dark, overgrown cave, named Bar-e-Therchir. [35.3S, 16.8W]


The Entrance to Bar-e-Therchir



These deeds can be advanced by exploring Eryn Singor:


These creatures are encountered within this location:


Though it is a wonder to behold, travellers who allow themselves to be lulled by the natural beauty of Eryn Singor rarely emerge from its treacherous ravines.
A host of deadly Wood-trolls have taken up residence within, and delight in descending upon unwary hunters and explorers and tearing them limb from limb. — Deed