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Angband was the second fortress of Morgoth after the Valar left Utumno in ruin in the Battle of the Powers. He built the fortress in the Years of the Trees, and fled there after he and Ungoliant destroyed the Two Trees.

Angband was located in the northern part of Beleriand, though not as far north as Utumno had been. Throughout the First Age, Morgoth wreaked much sorrow and anguish from Angband, and it was only during the War of Wrath and the sinking of Beleriand that the fell citadel was finally toppled. The fortress was besieged by the Noldor for much of the First Age, but Morgoth finally broke the siege during Dagor Bragollach, the Battle of Sudden Flame. It was in the deep pits here that many creatures like the great dragons and the gaunt-men first came to be. Above the underground fortress rose the peaks of Thangorodrim. It was from this mountain that Saruman carved out the Stone of Thangorodrim and used it to terrorize Wildermore.

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