Morgul Vale

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Morgul Vale
Morgul Vale

Morgul Vale (Sindarin name: Imlad Morgul) is a region found within the land of Mordor.

The Morgul Vale was the valley of the Morgulduin in the western Mountains of Shadow. At its outflow into Ithilien stood the fortress of Minas Morgul ("Tower of Dark Sorcery"). The name was only used in the later Third Age, after the Nazgûl captured the fortress of Minas Ithil and turned it into the Tower of Dark Sorcery. The only vegetation in the valley was to be found along the river - fields of white flowers believed to give off noxious vapors.

Morgul Vale Locations

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Imlad Morgul Quests(13 C, 19 P)


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Morgul Vale Deeds(7 C, 1 P)


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Morgul Vale Reputation

Connected Locations

Morgul Vale Creatures


Rath Dúath - location of Estolad Lân

Crafting Tier(s):

Minas Ithil (T13): Ithil Skarn Deposit, Mordor Snag Branches, Minas Ithil Hide, Ithil Artifact Chest

Crafting Facilities:

Primarily: Inside the settlement of Estolad Lân


The Morgul Vale, or Imlad Morgul (Sindarin for 'Vale of Sorcery') was the valley of the Morgulduin in the Ephel Dúath. Morgulduin was the polluted and icy-cold stream flowing through the Morgul Vale. It ran westward past Minas Morgul until it reached The Cross-roads in Ithilien, where its course turned southwest until it entered the Anduin just south of Osgiliath. Just to the north of the stream was the road from Osgiliath up to Minas Morgul. It flowed under the white, ghastly bridge that lead into Minas Morgul. The Bridge was destroyed by Mithrandir in the Quest: Fire Beneath the Shadow as you burned the noxious flowers. Faramir warned Frodo and Sam not to drink from it, as the water was tainted and would harm whoever imbibed it.

Frodo, Sam, and Gollum entered the western end of the valley in order to reach the stairway to Cirith Ungol. As the three passed the white bridge Frodo was dazed by the noxious fumes and began running towards the city, but was stopped by Sam and Gollum. As they climbed the stairs they left the reek behind them on the floor of the valley.[1] After the war was over, Aragorn as King Elessar ordered that Minas Morgul be utterly destroyed.[2]

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Map of Morgul Vale