Ered Luin

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Ered Luin
Ered Luin

Ered Luin is a region found within the land of Eriador.

(Sindarin for Blue Mountains) is located in the far west of Eriador, north-west of and connected to the Shire. The Blue Mountains, as they are known in Westron, are dominated by Dwarves descending from the exile king Thráin II and by Elves who used to live in Edhelion but now are established in the south along river Lhûn.

Ered Luin has a long history, though not prominent nor prosperous in any way, being just a remote mountain ridge it did not attract much interest. This did not change when Thráin and his son Thorin Oakenshield arrived, only iron could be mined there. Even so, the Dwarves of the Blue Mountains remained in the region, side by side with elves gathering wood used for their white ships and running famous vineyards long since.

However, Thorin left Ered Luin and together with a throng of dwarves, Gandalf and a famous burglar he tried to reclaim his father's lost treasures; Thorin completed his quest but died. Nonetheless, in our story he had made a Dourhand the Master of Thorin's Hall and with that background a new Dwarf or Elf character enters the starter area in Ered Luin.


Low Lands
Rath Teraig
Thorin's Gate
Vale of Thrain


(Ordered by main quest-level)
Refuge of Edhelion

  • Dwarf/Elf Intro Quests: 1 - 3

Thorin's Gate



Limael's Vineyard

Vale of Thrain


  • Quests: mainly 10 - 12

Low Lands

Haudh Lin

Rath Teraig

  • Quests: mainly 12






Player Housing

Thorin's Hall Homesteads [15.6S, 104.7W]

Player Housing

Falathlorn Homesteads [25.0S, 90.6W]




For more detail, see Ered Luin Deeds
Ered Luin Deeds(4 C, 1 P)


For more detail, see Ered Luin Titles
Ered Luin Titles(2 C, 1 P)


Ered Luin Creatures(1 C, 168 P)


Crafting Hall - Thorin's Gate

Crafting Tier(s):

Apprentice: Copper Deposit, Rowan Branches, Shattered Pitcher
Journeyman: Barrow-iron Deposit, Silver Deposit, Ash Branches, Broken Urn

Resource Locations:

Crafting Facilities:

Primarily: Crafting Hall - Thorin's Gate


In the beginning Ered Luin (Sindarin for Blue Mountains) was an unbroken mountain ridge, a natural border between Eriador and Beleriand. The elves who settled in Lindon named it Ered Lindon. Also dwarves settled here but these settlements were destroyed in the War of Wrath when the mountains were brought apart and river Lhûn broke through them to the Grey Havens, which survived and remained an elven harbour. Much later Thráin II established himself in northern Ered Luin when he was exiled by Smaug, the dragon. Probably many of his righteous folk moved back to the Lonely Mountain (Erebor) when Thorin Oakenshield retook the domain about 77 years before Frodo left the Shire; that would explain a wake in which much of the decadent happenings now are taking place.


Old map of Ered Luin

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