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The Fords of Isen in the Heathfells [87.9S, 3.1W] between The Gap of Rohan and the Westfold of West Rohan.


The River Isen (or Angren in Sindarin) began in the southern Misty Mountains,

first flowing south through the fortress of Isengard (or Angrenost) to the White Mountains, where it abruptly bent west and flowed to the sea of Belegaer, the Great Sea.

Its length is about 430 Númenórean miles, making it the eighth-longest known river of Middle-earth.

Isen means Iron (cf. German eisen and Old English isærn = iron), Isengard meaning Iron fortress.

At a distance of about 150 miles west of the Gap of Rohan, the Isen was joined by its only known tributary, the River Adorn.

The Isen and Adorn formed the boundary of the Kingdom of Rohan, but the triangle of land between Isen, Adorn, and the White Mountains was a contested land, claimed by the Rohirrim as well as the Dunlendings.

The Isen formed a natural boundary in the Gap of Rohan, and was only crossable at Isengard or at the Fords of Isen,

where the Rohirrim fought a number of great battles against the Dunlendings and Saruman's Orcs in the late Third Age.

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