Council of the North

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Council of the North is a reputation faction located in Gath Forthnír, in Angmar.

A Council of several races who struggle to take the war into the heart of Angmar itself. They strike from the hidden refuge of Gath Forthnír in the far northern wastes of Angmar.

Location and NPCs

Hangout: Gath Forthnír in northeastern Himbar. [10.8N, 24.0W]

Name Function
Hróar Reputation Recipes Vendor
Hafgrím Reputation Vendor
Ongli Supplier

Gaining Reputation


Repeatable Quests

Tasks Bulletin Board

Tasks can be turned in to the Tasks Bulletin Board for reputation at Gath Forthnír [10.4N, 24.1W]

Reputation Items

Right-click the items in your inventory to increase reputation.

Item Drops from Points
 Bone Amulet Angmarim, The Dead 30  
 Wicked Dagger Angmarim, Gertheryg, Merrevail 50  
 War Dispatch Angmarim, Gertheryg, Merrevail 700  

Locations: Carn Dûm and instance, Himbar, Imlad Balchorth, Urugarth

Crafting Items

Item Crafting Tier Points
 Crest of Vigilance Artisan 60  
 Crest of Valour Master 100  
 Icon of Heroes Master 700  



Vendor Items

Vendor: Hafgrím in the centre of Gath Forthnír.

Titles / Passive Skills