The Silent Street

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This page is about the 6-person instance. For the landmark in after-battle Minas Tirith, see The Silent Street (After-battle)
The Silent Street
Level: 75 - 150
Size: Fellowship
Cluster: The Battle of Pelennor
Region: Old Anórien
Area: Minas Tirith
Location: [65.6S, 19.9W]

"In his haste to save Faramir, Beregond has thrown open the Fen Hollen and makes for the House of the Stewards. In his wake, the enemies of Gondor descend on Rath Dínen, the Silent Street, all hoping to bring the rule of the Stewards to an end."


The Silent Street is a 6-man-instance that takes place in Minas Tirith, beyond the Masters' Tier. The Fen Hollen, the Closed Door, has been opened and the tombs of the kings and stewards of Gondor await you.



Instance Overview

First Boss: Lintanar
Second Boss: Boromir or Telemnar
Third Boss: Tarannon Falastur or Atanatar II
Final Boss: The Gloom of Nurn


Stage 1: The Withered Tree

Beregond, a Guard of the Citadel, has opened the Closed Door of Fen Hollen in order to save Faramir, who is unconsciously being taken there by his father Denethor. Members of the Withered Tree, an underground organization that wants to depose the Steward, have followed Beregond into Rath Dínen, and now block your advance.

There are three kinds of enemies to be fought here:

After clearing the street of the Withered Tree, you will encounter Lintanar, another member of the Citadel Guard, whose advance towards the House of the Stewards is blocked by a mysterious dark fog. He will attempt to question you about the fog and how to get past it, but must eventually be defeated. His fall basically marks the end of the Withered Tree.

Stage 2: The Risen of Rath Dínen

The Gloom of Nurn uses his necromantic powers to raise the spirits and corpses of the Gondorian Nobles who found their last rest at the Silent Street, including some of the Kings and Stewards of Gondor. They must be put back to rest before advancing further into Rath Dínen.

The following enemies will be encountered here:

There are two risen Kings or Stewards that must be defeated to advance further. You will fight either Steward Boromir or King Telemnar, and either King Tarannon Falastur or King Atanatar II. After both of them have been defeated, the threat of the Risen is ended.

Stage 3: Radiance amidst the Gloom

Pressing onward, you will face the Servants of the Gloom of Nurn and finally their Lord himself. Gloom-spirits will block your path towards the House of Kings, where the Gloom of Nurn seeks to claim the Crown of King Eärnur in order to give to Gothmog. He must be stopped at all costs!

After his fall, Mithrandir and Peregrin Took arrive at the courtyard, desperate to reach Faramir and Denethor who are in the House of the Stewards. There, they find Beregond who has defied his Lord's command and slain two of his brethren in order to save Faramir, who yet lives. Mithrandir attempts to ease the madness on Denethor's mind, but is unsuccessful. Seizing Faramir, the Wizard saves him from a fiery death, but cannot prevent Denethor's final doom as the Steward torches the tomb where his ancestors found their rest - along with himself.

Walkthrough and Tactics

The following is of course only one of several possible ways of completing this instance and should be treated as a suggestion, not an exclusive solution.

Group Setup

A dedicated Tank and a Healer are required, as well as 2-3 DPS'ers. One support or CC class is recommended. A well-balanced group setup would be the following:

Another possible setup:

A setup that would seem specific, but has completed t2cm:

In addition to these groups, success has been had use a blue-line champ as tank, one healer, and four DPS. However, the champ should plan on kiting the boss when there are adds, until the adds have been dealt with, then the group can return to DPSing down the boss.

Walkthrough: Stage I

There are three group of "trash" mobs before the first boss. The first group consists of 1 Withered Tree Strong-arm and 4 Withered Tree Conspirator. The second group consists of two Strong-arms and one Conspirator. The final group consists of two Conspirators and one Withered Tree Doom-speaker. Focus the Strong-arms first and interrupt their inductions. They will put a threat debuff on the tank, so DPS and healers need to stay on their toes if the tank cannot immediately force aggro the mobs. Doom-speakers should take target priority after the Strong-arms, since they will buff the attack strength of their allies and apply a nasty wound to random players. Removing that wound is of course recommended.


This is a pretty straightforward tank and spank boss. Lintanar himself does not pose much of a challenge, even on T2 he does not really have any abilities that need to be looked out for. He will call five waves of adds into the fight as his morale decreases, each consisting of multiple Witherer Tree mobs (Conspirators, Strong-arms, and Doom-speakers). It is recommended to always target Strong-arms first and then Doom-speakers. Interrupt inductions where possible and maximize AoE DPS. Do not focus Lintanar to avoid having to many adds spawn too quickly. He will go down through AoE DPS while you defeat Strong-arms and Doom-speakers. Be prepared for the threat debuff, it can be hard for tanks to always hold aggro on all adds (depends on the skill of your tank).  Horn of Gondor and  Bane Flare can help alot to keep the adds stunned directly after they spawn while the tank grabs aggro. Positioning for the tank should be at the throne where Lintanar begins the fight while the group stands at the gate through which you came from the entrance of the instance.

After defeating Lintanar and all his adds, the Gloom of Nurn will talk for a bit and then open up the path forward into the crypts. There is a chest to the left of the eastern gate of Lintanar's court, be sure to open it before moving on.

Walkthrough: Stage II

In this stage you will encounter the risen spirits of the nobility of Gondor. The first wave of adds can be avoided by immediately sprinting forward to the next central courtyard after the smoke at Lintanar's square clears (Captains can use  Make Haste to help with this), although this makes it impossible for defeated players to reset and run back into the fight if they fall during Stage II. Always focus Disturbed Captains first since they do the most damage and buff their allies. Interrupt their inductions to avoid a damage decrease. Adds will gain corruptions that should be removed, especially  Maddened since that prevents taunts (the mob will hit random players). Be sure to avoid AoE DPS while Dínen-lights are near because when they die (basically any attack kills them), they will fear anyone in range for 5 seconds which can lead to uncontrolled add pulls. After reaching the central courtyard, you can choose to go right or left. In this guide, it will be assumed that taking the path to the left comes first. If you take a left, you will need to defeat one final group of adds and a patrolling Captain before you will be faced with the second boss, which can either be Tarannon Falastur or Atanatar II.

Tarannon Falastur

He can be found in the small area to the right (after having taken a left at the central courtyard). If you have a Minstrel or a Burglar in your group, you can pull him without any adds. This works as follows: The Minstrel/Burglar aggroes Tarannon, after 1 second the tank also aggroes him (overwriting the previous aggro if possible). The Minstrel/Burglar then uses  Still As Death/ Hide in Plain Sight which causes any adds to reset. Tarannon can then safely be lead to the cleared area in the street you came from. The way back to the central square will be blocked by smoke when Tarannon is aggroed, it is imperative that all players move far enough down the road before the boss is triggered or they will be locked out.

Tarannon will put the nasty  Drowning wound on randoms players which requires quite a bit of healing until it runs out. Players should call out to the healer if they receive the wound. Tarannon will say "Drown now, <name>!" before applying the wound. Spying Cats will spawn during the fight whose aggro the tank needs to grab. Avoid AoE DPS while there are Dínen-lights nearby if you do not want to be  Feared. The Spying cats will sometimes place  Watchful Spies on Tarannon which is especially dangerous for Rune-keepers using  Smouldering Wrath. If anyone sees this buff on Tarannon, make sure to immediately stop all DPS and tell your group to do the same (or they will take heavy damage and likely die). Cats need to be defeated before moving on but should not take target priority over Tarannon (kill them with AoE DPS while no Dínen-lights are nearby).

Atanatar II

Atanatar can be found on the second floor of the southern half of Stage II. He will move down the stairs, but no further. If possible, aggro him while he is on the stairs. He is very (veeeerrryyyy) slow, so refrain from DPSing him while he moves towards the tank until the tank has built up enough aggro. Everyone should stand at least 5 meters apart from each other to avoid  Become As Stone from stacking too high. Melee DPS should move away from the tank once they see that debuff upon them. Other than that, he is simply tank and spank.

After clearing the left (southern) side of Stage II, move onwards to the right (northern) side where you will encounter a single Disturbed Captain. After defeating him, if you have a Hunter, he can use  Passage of Shadow to check which of the two possible bosses you will face (either Boromir or Telemnar).


Steward Boromir patrols the upper gallery north of the central square. Standing at the base of the small stairs just before the next group of adds, a Guardian can use  Fray the Edge to pull Boromir while he pathes across the balustrade (when he moves from the right to the left, simply hit your Fray the Edge button repeatedly until you aggro him). This way you do not need to clear any other adds on this side of Stage II.

Boromir will place  Morgul Blight on the tank, and the more damaging version  Bite of the Morgul-blade on a random player. That player requires immediate healer attention and should call out to them once they receive this poison effect. Boromir will regularly gain the  Vile Renewal corruption which needs to be removed immediately. Other than that, he is just tank & spank.


Telemnar can be found at his courtyard, take a left at the first crossroads in the northern section of Stage II (be sure to hug the southern wall to avoid pulling the group atop the small stairs leading towards Boromir). You will have to defeat two groups of adds before reaching Telemnar.

He will place  Spreading Plague on a random target, remove this disease as fast as possible with a pot or removal skill. The tank should move Telemnar out of the  Dark Plague fields whenever possible. Plague-rats will spawn roughly every 30 seconds, have your tank grab aggro before they go after the healers.

After defeating both bosses of Stage II, a chest will spawn at the central courtyard and the smoke will disappear, opening the path westward into Stage III.

Walkthrough: Stage III

You will face four groups of Gloom-spirits with increasing numbers: the first group is 2, the next one is 3, the penultimate one has 4 and the final one consists of 5 spirits. If you have a CC class, make use of it (Burglars can  Riddle one spirit while Lore-masters can use  Blinding Flash for mezzing). Interrupt any inductions you can and avoid AoE DPS while Dínen-lights are nearby. At the large courtyard to the east where the last two groups are you will also encounter Corrupted Dínen-lights which need to be taken care of (let ranged DPS handle them, they are slow). For the last group, pulling them together into one position and using  Bane Flare and/or  Horn of Gondor while going all-out on AoE DPS helps alot. Be prepared to be  Feared many times, this is unavoidable. If anyone dies, do not use combat rezzes; simply reset. You will respawn atop the stairs leading up to the final courtyard. After defeating the last add group, the Gloom of Nurn will land his fellbeast in front of the House of Kings and wait for you to approach. Use this opportunity to buff up and use buff food, Edhelharn Coins and Scrolls of Battle/Warding-lore.

The Gloom of Nurn

The Gloom of Nurn should be tanked in the small area just outside the door of the House of Kings (to the west of where he spawns). There are two little brackets to the left and right of the door. One should be occupied by the tank (who stays there the entirety of the fight), the other one is reserved for anyone receiving  Gloom (purple fear eye over your head). Standing in a purple damaging field will apply  Darkness, so run out if one spawns near you. Start DPSing the Gloom until the first Gloom-spirit spawns, then switch to that. The tank should try to interrupt the Gloom's inductions, which send players flying towards him. If you receive the purple eye, run towards the left bracket until it runs out. Then move back to the group. Call out anyone who has the eye incase they do not realize it themselves. If the tank receives the eye, ignore it.

Be careful of his opening dialog. He does a large frontal attack that will usually kill anyone standing in front of him. Once he starts talking, move behind him. He will stop and do another dialog signaling the next phase, and again, a large frontal attack to anyone in front of him.

At roughly 4,000,000 morale, Corrupted Dínen-lights will spawn at the central courtyard. Have your ranged DPS defeat them, if you get too close, they will explode (doing damage and fearing).

At roughly 3,700,000 morale, the Gloom will become unattackable and resurrect Mardil Voronwë and Eärnil II. They spawn at the opposing crypts to the left and right of the large stairs atop of which the Gloom is being tanked. Have your Lore-master or Burglar keep Eärnil mezzed and go all-out on DPS on Mardil. If you do not have a CC class in your group, a Captain (or pretty much any other class that can keep him from aggroing the healer) can kite Eärnil around one of the pillars until Mardil falls. Prevent the bosses from coming too close to each other or they will buff each other. You have two minutes (120 seconds) to defeat both of them, so make sure to go all-out. Meanwhile, the tank needs to survive on his own for some time. Guardians can use their emergency skills ( Juggernaut,  Warrior's Heart,  Guardian's Pledge, and also traited  Thrill of Danger while Wardens can simply heal themselves. If a new Gloom-spirit spawns, try to avoid aggroing it. If you are lucky, it will run down the stairs towards the group where your CC class can mez it, otherwise the CC class needs come to the tank and mez the spirit for the time being.

Once Mardil and Eärnil have been dealt with, the group moves back to their original position atop the stairs. Kill any remaining Gloom-spirits and make sure the tank does not die. Continue DPSing the Gloom of Nurn while keeping an eye open for new Corrupted Dínen-lights and dropping purple eyes in the free bracket next to the door.

At roughly 1,500,000 morale, the Gloom will resurrect Meneldil who spawns at the door to the House of Kings. He cannot be damaged or aggroed. He will most likely attack the healer so be prepared for incoming damage. Guardians can use  Shield Wall to redirect the damage to themselves.

When you defeat the Gloom, all other adds will die as well. There are (hopefully) two chests on the southern edge of the main stairs for you to loot. If you want to experience a big scene from the books, make sure to run near Mithrandir who will be waiting for you in the northern part of the westernmost courtyard (where Mardil spawned).

If the challenge quest fails, it will (currently) not reset!


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Level 105 Tier 1 Loot

Normal chests (bosses 1-3)
Pelennor Helmet and Chests

Level 105 Tier 2 Challenge Chest Loot